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Off With Their Head by Neil Melanson


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Neil Melanson

Professional Fighter

Discover hidden details that make the Arm Triangle more effective than ever.

  • Neil Melanson is a catch wrestling master who has helped train some of the best MMA champions of all-time
  • Use different variations that adapt the Arm Triangle in a way that ANYONE can use to increase their efficiency and leverage.
  • Don’t rely on brute strength, as Neil shows you how to finish with positioning and technique.
  • Set traps for your opponent to fall into, with crushing pressure and dominant body position.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro sponsor and fundamentals 0
First phase. Pressure choke 10:49
Second Phase, cut across, foot position, start the choke early 23:40
One hand concept 35:26
Mount, grapevine set ups 41:59

Volume 2

Figure four 0
Chest version 5:33
Shoulder lock from kesa gatame 10:17
Basic set ups 15:23
Half guard downward grip options 34:32
Full Guard arm triangle 42:15
Hammerlock 46:39

Volume 3

Arm triangle finger walk 0
Wrist lock/top wrist lock 9:05
North south 14:09
Turk/Tuck 20:06
Butcher shop north south 25:13
Reverse dragon sleeper 28:49
North south choke 32:49
Pendulum to an arm triangle 37:36
Butterfly sweep to arm triangle 41:04
Half guard pass 46:17
Cradle 51:28

Volume 4

Von flue choke 0
Headlock tilt to arm triangle 11:43
Arm triangle drill 17:53
Arm triangle to kimura 28:38
Arm triangle to triangle 40:57
Arm triangle from bottom half guard 46:57
Arm triangle to crucifix arm lock and final words 52:47

Neil Melanson Is Back With Another Masterful Series Dedicated To Arm Triangle Choke Mastery. Learn Principles Of The Choke, Traps, And Finishing Details That Will Make The Arm Triangle One Of Your Most Dangerous Weapons!

Check Out The Trailer!

What Will You Learn?

The Arm Triangle is a technique that has seen success across multiple forms of combat including MMA and BJJ. One of the reasons it has been so widely adapted is due to how effectively it can end a fight as well as keep you in a dominant position throughout the finish. Off With Their Head is a 4-part series designed to give you an inside look at HOW to master all aspects of this Classic Technique.

Neil Melanson is a MASTER of the Arm Triangle. In this instructional, he breaks down the Arm Triangle into distinct, easy to follow phases that anyone can use. What Neil offers is a systematic approach to creating situations that will have you snagging the arm triangle and FINISHING. By using the multi-phase approach you will begin to retain techniques to muscle memory. You’ll be seeing Arm Triangle opportunities everywhere!

Grappling is a unique sport where there are countless variables to any given situation. Neil keeps things simple by giving you options to get to work, immediately. Learn to keep your opponent under constant pressure and duress. Neil Melanson has worked with athletes of ALL levels, including Top Tier UFC contenders. In that time he has seen adaptations and variations that lead to success for EVERYONE. Off With Their Head has unique variations of the Arm Triangle that will provide endless options to find your favorite way to finish.

As an added bonus you will learn to transition from Arm Triangles to other submissions SEAMLESSLY! In typical Melanson fashion he takes an already effective weapon and adds some unique attacks that will present themselves in an attempt to defend the Arm Triangle. Before you know it you will be able to threaten with an Arm Triangles, Kimuras, Crucifix Armbars, and MORE!

Butcher Shop North South

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro sponsor and fundamentals 
  • First phase. Pressure choke
  • Second Phase, cut across, foot position, start the choke early 
  • One hand concept 
  • Mount, grapevine set ups 

Part 2:

  • Figure four 
  • Chest version
  • Shoulder lock from kesa gatame 
  • Basic set ups 
  • Half guard downward grip options 
  • Full Guard arm triangle 
  • Hammerlock 

Part 3:

  • Arm triangle finger walk 
  • Wrist lock/top wrist lock
  • North south 
  • Turk/Tuck 
  • Butcher shop north south 
  • Reverse dragon sleeper 
  • North south choke 
  • Pendulum to an arm triangle 
  • Butterfly sweep to arm triangle
  • Half guard pass
  • Cradle

Part 4:

  • Von flue choke 
  • Headlock tilt to arm triangle 
  • Arm triangle drill
  • Arm triangle to kimura
  • Arm triangle to triangle 
  • Arm triangle from bottom half guard 
  • Arm triangle to crucifix arm lock and final words 

Pendulum To An Arm Triangle

So, What Does It All Cost?