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Relentless Collar Tie Offense by Thomas Gilman


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Thomas Gilman

Professional Fighter
Move Your Next Opponent All Over The Mat With This Precise Hand Fighting and Scoring System From World Silver Medalist Thomas Gilman
  • Develop a relentless collar tie game with World Silver Medalist, Thomas Gilman
  • Gilman is a 2017 World Silver medalist, 2019 Pan-Am Champion, 3-Time NCAA All-American, and a 4-Time State Champion
  • Master multiple attacking options from the collar tie and learn to use the position more effectively
  • Use Gilman’s tricky set-ups and traps to attack single legs, the high crotch, ankle picks, and more

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Collar tie 2:07
Moving my opponent 5:58
When opp braces 9:56
Being able to attack both sides 14:08
Opponent attacks wrist 15:56
Pulling blocked wrist off 19:43

Volume 2

Floating hand to outside single 0
Floating hand to outside high crotch 8:03
Posting hand 13:53
Throwby and high crotch 21:38
Slideby 30:23

Volume 3

Wrist head in the hole 0
Same side single 4:54
Same side high crotch 10:40
Same side single inside grab 15:05
Ankle pick 20:19
Final Words 31:08

Move Your Next Opponent All Over The Mat With This Precise Hand Fighting and Scoring System From World Silver Medalist Thomas Gilman




What Will You Learn?

Develop a relentless collar tie game with brilliant technique and winning strategies from World Silver Medalist Thomas Gilman. In Relentless Collar Tie Offense, you'll get first-hand instruction from this highly decorated former Iowa Hawkeye standout and 3-time All-American on this specialized skill-set using the same exact methods he’s used at the highest levels of competition to dominate and score with relentless precision! WIth Gilman’s help and elite level instruction, collar tie offense will become more familiar and easier than ever for you to implement in your own grappling exchanges!

Wrestle To Both Sides to Double Your Effectiveness


Gilman has put together a 3-part instructional detailing all of the best collar tie secrets. You'll start with an introduction and then begin learning to move your opponent and respond to common reactions. As you make our way into part-2, you'll begin attacking, using genius throw-by/slide-by movements, single legs, and high crotch work that you must see! Part-3 will provide more insight into attacking single legs, some ankle pick work, and much more to help you beef up your takedown arsenal and create an all-around more dangerous grappling game!

Move People All Over The Mat With These Techniques and Strategies


Gilman’s accolades don’t lie and the list goes on and on! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn this specialized skillset from one of the best to ever step on the mat! Gilman’s instruction is world-class and you’ll find the techniques are already trimmed of any fat and ready to add to your arsenal immediately!

Attack With Nonstop Action That Leads to Takedowns


So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Collar Tie
  • Moving My Opponent
  • When Opponent Braces
  • Being Able to Attack Both Sides
  • Opponent Attacks Wrist
  • Pulling Blocked Wrist Off

Part 2:

  • Floating Hand to Outside Single
  • Floating Hand to Outside High Crotch
  • Posting Hand
  • Throw By and High Crotch
  • Slide By

Part 3

  • Wrist Head In The Hole
  • Same Side Single
  • Same Side High Crotch
  • Same Side Single Inside Grab
  • Ankle Pick
  • Final Words

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