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The guard Retention Anthology: Around and Under by Lachlan Giles & Ariel Tabak


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Professional Fighter

Lachlan Giles and Ariel Tabak show you a total technical gameplan for keeping your guard against any over or around-style of pass

  • Defend torreandos, stack passes, leg drags, and more with tips on how to keep the guard, improve position, and get back on attack.
  • ADCC Absolute medalist Lachlan Giles teams up with his guard retention specialist and black belt Ariel Tabak for this 8-part instructional release.
  • Study your guard retention across the two volumes, Over & Around Passing and coming soon, Through The Legs & Close Range.
  • See every technique applied live with rolling footage from Ariel and Lachlan applying these concepts against grapplers in the gym.
  • This is one of the most detailed and complete guard retention instructionals ever made, with precise technical breakdowns of the moves and strategies that will let you retain your guard.

Always Keep Your Guard: Use This Blueprint For The Guard Retention From The Smallest ADCC Open Weight Medalist In History: Lachlan Giles and Black Belt Specialist Ariel Tabak

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What Will You Learn?

Learn the best guard retention possible with techniques, strategies, and more from ADCC Absolute medalist Lachlan Giles and black belt guard retention specialist Ariel Tabak. This series, one of two major volumes from Lachlan & Ariel, covers all of the over and around-style of passes that you can defend against and use to bring your guard to the next level.

Lachlan and Ariel show a total step-by-step breakdown of how to retain your guard and all of the techniques and movements you need, on this 8-part series for over and around passes. With general concepts, specific techniques, and ways to get back on offense, this series can help you find all the most important and useful details for success.

Lachlan Giles and Ariel Tabak train together in Australia, at Absolute MMA, where they have developed a clear and effective guard retention style that lets them stay on offense, even against aggressive players. Now you can see this system, focused on around and under-style passes, in action, as they teach and then share live rolling breakdowns of them using this to succeed in the gym.

The next time your opponent goes for a stack pass, a torreando/bullfighter pass, a leg drag, or any other around or over attack, you can have the exact answer with this series’s total systemic approach. Across 8 volumes, find anything you need to combat those guard passes and get right back on offense!

When To Sit Up Escape

What Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction overview and general concepts
  • Introduction and overview
  • Intro to the instructional
  • Guard Retention: What is it and why is it important
  • Overview and layout
  • How to train guard retention
  • General concepts, principles and strategy
  • Layers of the guard
  • Seated vs lying down
  • Postures that deny your opponent the pass
  • Small part of your body on the ground
  • Hips away
  • Frames
  • Leg positioning
  • Shin angle for pummeling
  • Arm frames and positioning
  • Off balance to recover
  • Outside vs inside position
  • Don't let them hug the head
  • Don't let your leg get pinned
  • Never hip escape
  • When to sit up escape
  • Don't let your spine twist
  • Legs in alternate planes
  • Elbows to the ground
  • Late stage options

Part 2:

  • Key movements
  • Gangorra
  • High pummel
  • Invert
  • Near side invert
  • Leg dab
  • Moving with your elbows
  • Summary of ways to face your opponent
  • Flexibility requirements and training
  • Flexibility
  • Hip external rotation
  • Hip flexion
  • Hamstring
  • Hip abduction
  • Knee flexion
  • Lumbar and thoracic spine

Part 3:

  • Around the legs retention
  • Overview and strategy
  • How this section is structured
  • Your aims and their aims
  • 3 different methods of recovering
  • Positioning
  • Choose a side early
  • Strategic overview
  • Leg pummeling and crossovers
  • Foot placement
  • The 4 crossovers
  • The high pummel
  • Under pummel
  • Pummeling and crossover summary
  • Facing in retention
  • Invert 
  • Turtle shell pin
  • Facing in late stage retention
  • Facing in summary
  • Facing away retention
  • Framing while turning away
  • Ultimate gangorra
  • Gangorra
  • Facing away retention summary

Part 4:

  • North south retention
  • NS postures and pressures
  • Setting up grips preemptively
  • The leg dab
  • The slam dunk
  • Vs side underhook. Armlocks
  • Late stage
  • NS retention summary
  • Liking the techniques
  • Liking the techniques around the legs
  • Specific pass retention
  • Bullfighter shoulder in 
  • Bullfighter knee on belly
  • Bullfighter to north south
  • 1 arm throw 
  • Cross grip. Crazy dog
  • Leg drag
  • Leg pin bullfighter

Part 5:

  • Under the legs retention
  • Overview concepts and strategyi
  • Intro to under the legs and how this section is structured
  • Types of under the legs passes
  • 3 main ways to recover
  • Is defending under the legs bad for your body
  • Strategy bases on body type and flexibility
  • General progression of a worsening under the legs pass
  • Conceptual strategy and how to think about recovering 
  • Arm positioning and battles
  • Maximizing frame distance and strength
  • When and where to frame
  • Leg battle and positioning
  • Head and torso positioning
  • Torso positioning
  • Leg pummeling 
  • Ideal placement
  • Overview of leg pummels
  • Standard pummels 
  • High pummel
  • Hip swing
  • Gangorra
  • Summary
  • Preventing the stack
  • Ways you may get stacked
  • Methods to prevent the stack
  • Your posture
  • Opponents posture
  • Dropping your hips
  • Shoulder walk and head walk
  • Frame direction
  • Flexibility
  • Keep forearms from under your hip
  • Summary
  • The double ankle stack

Part 6:

  • Preventing and recovering the angle
  • Dont hip escape
  • High pummel vs hip turning
  • Block the arm reaching across
  • Hip spin
  • Recovering the angle
  • Summary
  • Freeing the knee
  • Overview and concepts
  • on entry to under the leg pass
  • Vs double unders hands clasped 
  • Elbow push escape
  • Single under
  • Linking the techniques and concepts
  • Late stage defense
  • Turning your back
  • Allowing north south
  • Chestquarters
  • Summary
  • Specific pass retention
  • Over under concepts and controls
  • Over under prevention
  • Over under recovery 
  • Leg drag stack
  • Offense
  • Triangle 
  • No arm triangle
  • Butterfly hooks options
  • Mini bar
  • Offense from the high knee shield

Part 7

  • Initial battle for control
  • Intro to this section
  • Intro to establishing control
  • Feet on biceps
  • Establishing control from feet on biceps. Gi
  • Establishing control from feet on biceps. No gi
  • Establishing control from no grips
  • Understanding grips
  • Individual grips
  • Sleeve grip
  • Elbow control and 2 on 1
  • Forearm control
  • Collar grip
  • Leg position. Biceps and hip
  • Ankle and knee
  • Half lasso
  • Concepts 
  • When to sit and when to lie
  • Seated. Grip selection vs posture
  • Legs in a wide circle vs direct
  • Dont allow them to grip your legs
  • Set up defensive structure before offense
  • When feet on the hips is ok
  • Aim is to establish a guard where you can both push and pull
  • Specific postures and responses
  • Intro to specific postures
  • Upright (gi)
  • Upright (no gi)
  • Forward lean (gi)
  • Forward lean (nogi)
  • Combat base (gi)
  • Combate base (nogi)
  • Kneeling (gi)
  • Kneeling (nogi)
  • Kneeling (nogi)

Part 8:

  • Defense to offense: k guard
  • K guard from retention
  • Offense from guard retention
  • Entries to k guard
  • The armpit is the window to the hip
  • North south entry
  • Under the legs entry
  • Weave pass entry
  • Triangle
  • Armbar
  • Invert to triangle
  • Narrated rolling
  • Intro to this section
  • Ari narrated roll under
  • Ari narrated roll under 2
  • Ari narrated around the legs 1
  • Ari narrated around the legs 2
  • Ari narrated around the legs 3
  • Ari narrated around and under
  • Specific training
  • Initial battle for control
  • Around the legs
  • Under the legs
  • General Rolling
  • General rolling

Pummeling and Crossover Summary

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