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The Lazy Lasso by Bernardo Tavolaro


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Bernardo Tavolaro

Professional Fighter

Relax and let the lasso do the work while you eliminate pressure from the top and learn to control, sweep, and submit your opponents with greater ease

  • Master the art of setting traps for even the most ferocious top players
  • Set up submission opportunities and funnel guard passers into dangerous territories with genius set-ups and expert level details that will add menacing new layers to your guard.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Chapter 1 - Intro 0:00 - 01:32
Chapter 2 - Lasso Hook Sweep - Simple Lasso Hook Sweep 01:32 - 08:36
Chapter 3 - When The Opponent Is Squatting 8:36 - 15:10
Chapter 4 - From Lasso Hook Guard to X Guard 15:10 - 22:33
Chapter 5 - Variation From Lasso Hook Guard to X Guard To Leg Drag 22:33

Volume 2

Chapter 1 - Submissions From The Lasso Hook Sweep - Arm Bar 0:00 - 07:21
Chapter 2 - Wrist Lock 07:21 - 11:44

Volume 3

Chapter 1 - Lasso-Plata - Intro 0:00 - 05:51
Chapter 2 - The Lazy Lasso Sweep 05:51 - 14:38
Chapter 3 - Lasso-Plata To Omoplata 14:38 - 21:18
Chapter 4 - Lasso-Plata From Side Control 21:18 - 28:55
Chapter 5 - From Lasso-Plata To Omoplata From All Fours 28:55 - 34:26
Chapter 6 - Lasso-Plata Sweep From All Fours 34:26

Volume 4

Chapter 1 - Opponent With The Knees On The Ground - Modified Lasso Sweep 0:00 - 09:11
Chapter 2 - 3 Submissions From Lasso Guard 09:11 - 20:28
Chapter 3 - Folding Pass - Lazy Lasso Sweep 20:28 - 28:55
Chapter 4 - Variation 28:55

Slow Down the Big Guys and Hunt for Attacks Using Efficient Lasso Guard Strategies with Checkmat 3rd-Degree Black Belt Bernardo Tavolaro

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What Will You Learn?

In The Lazy Lasso, revered Chekmat Coach and 3rd Degree Black Belt Bernardo Tavolaro will reveal the lasso systems that he's developed over the course of several years while training with some of the most dangerous big guys in BJJ. Tavolaro has developed an approach to help you mitigate top pressure with the help of a strong lasso, giving you more time to set traps, hunt for the reversal, or finish with a submission. The days of getting crushed by the heavyweights are over. Tavolaro will help you stop the onslaught from the top and turn your opponents attempts at smashing your guard into offensive opportunities!

You'll start with exploring exciting options from the lasso hook sweep including multiple reversals and even some submissions to cap off the exchange! In part-3 youll find an entire section dedicated to omoplata work that directly coincides with the lasso, using Tavolaro’s unique lasso-plata strategies. Round out the series with more subs and reversal options to keep the passer guessing and in constant danger!

Tavolaro will provide seasoned instruction and techniques that will work for the everyday hobbyist all the way up to the seasoned elite competitor. Tavolaro has been in the lab for years testing his lasso against high level training partners and now he's going to share his findings with you, so that you can enjoy more success from the bottom and create treacherous obstacles for even the most high pressure passing situations!

Lazy Lasso Sweep

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Lasso Hook Sweep 
  • Simple Lasso Hook Sweep 
  • When The Opponent Is Squatting 
  • From Lasso Hook Guard to X Guard 
  • Variation From Lasso Hook Guard to X Guard To Leg Drag

Part 2:

  • Submissions From The Lasso Hook Sweep
  • Arm Bar 
  • Wrist Lock
  • Switch Grip Foot Lock 

Part 3:

  • Lasso-Plata
  • Intro 
  • The Lazy Lasso Sweep 
  • Lasso-Plata To Omoplata
  • Lasso-Plata From Side Control 
  • From Lasso-Plata To Omoplata From All Fours 
  • Lasso-Plata Sweep From All Fours 

Part 4:

  • Opponent With The Knees On The Ground 
  • Modified Lasso Sweep
  • 3 Submissions From Lasso Guard
  • Folding Pass 
  • Lazy Lasso Sweep 
  • Variation 

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