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The Modern 50/50 Guard by Patrick Gaudio


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Patrick Gaudio

Professional Fighter

Sweep and Secure the position with Patrick’s 50/50 passes that transition seamlessly from your sweeps.

  • Use the Switchblade pass to slice through what is left of your opponent’s 50/50 Guard.
  • Develop non-stop attacks from the bottom that will help you secure more finishes.
  • Catch your opponent off-guard once you gain top position, with fast-acting foot locks.
  • Cover the hidden details of grip fighting that will stifle your opponent’s attacks and maximize your passes!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Passage open 50/50 technical stand up 0:19
passage open 50/50 technical stand up variation 2:08
Spin passage from 50/50 4:41
Back take from 50/50 7:16
Berimbolo from 50/50 10:27
Berimbolo variation from 50/50 14:32
Passage from 50/50 with lapel 18:14
Leg drag passage from 50/50 21:44
Spin passage from 50/50 variation 24:43

Volume 2

Strong base to be on top on 50/50 0
Leg drag low passage 5:19
Switchblade passage 8:27
Scissors sweep from 50/50 10:59
Sweep holding the arm 13:31
Sweep with lapel 16:30
Scorpion sweep 20:20
Scorpion take back 24:05

Volume 3

One leg sweep 0
One leg sweep kicking the ankle 3:36
One leg sweep rand and roll 7:30
Toe hold attack from 50/50 (worlds ibjjf 2017 x barral) 11:41
Leg lock on top from 50/50 18:09
Leg lock from the bottom on 50/50 21:49
Foot attack on top from 50/50 (estima lock) 24:39
Straight foot lock from 50/50 27:54
Arm bar from 50/50 31:28

Learn Slick Sweeps, Secure Submissions, Back Takes, And How To Pass The Modern 50/50 Guard With Patrick Gaudio!

Check Out The Trailer!

What Will You Learn?

50/50 Guard can be a position that leads to a sweeping contest where athletes trade sweep attempts until the final moments of the match. This can lead to fewer victories and boring matches! Patrick Gaudio looks to change that with The Modern 50/50 Guard where he lays out a complete sweeping and passing strategy throughout the 3-part instructional.

With the series, you will learn specific details that will revamp your 50/50 guard. Patrick lays out his very best sweeps, submissions, back takes, and passes from the 50/50. While each technique on its own is World Class, Patrick takes it a step further by teaching you to combine and adapt your attacks to develop a comprehensive system from the 50/50 guard. Your opponent will be constantly a step behind as you threaten toe holds that open back attacks, and guard passes that lead directly into Estima Locks!

Patrick Gaudio, a GFTeam standout, takes the traditional approach to 50/50 and spices it up with his high-octane offense. Regardless of your size or experience level, Patrick lays out the crucial concepts that will make each technique applicable to your game. Beginners can make the 50/50 a focal point of your game, and more experienced practitioners will learn new concepts to revamp your 50/50!

Don’t get stalled out in 50/50 anymore. Gaudio gets things going even if your opponent is simply trying to hold on, which may be the only option they have! Check out the complete technique list below!

Scissor Sweep From 50-50

So, What Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Passage open 50/50 technical stand up 
  • passage open 50/50 technical stand up variation 
  • Spin passage from 50/50 
  • Back take from 50/50
  • Berimbolo from 50/50 
  • Berimbolo variation from 50/50 
  • Passage from 50/50 with lapel 
  • Leg drag passage from 50/50
  • Spin passage from 50/50 variation

Part 2:

  • Strong base to be on top on 50/50 
  • Leg drag low passage 
  • Switchblade passage 
  • Scissors sweep from 50/50 
  • Sweep holding the arm 
  • Sweep with lapel 
  • Scorpion sweep 
  • Scorpion take back 

Part 3:

  • One leg sweep 
  • One leg sweep kicking the ankle 
  • One leg sweep rand and roll
  • Toe hold attack from 50/50 (worlds ibjjf 2017 x barral) 
  • Leg lock on top from 50/50 
  • Leg lock from the bottom on 50/50
  • Foot attack on top from 50/50 (estima lock) 
  • Straight foot lock from 50/50 
  • Arm bar from 50/50

Leg Lock From The Bottom On 50-50

So, What Does It All Cost?