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The Takedown Playbook by Daniel DeShazer


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Daniel Deshazer

Professional Fighter

Get To Work From The First Whistle With An Effective Approach That Will Help You Generate Offense And Rack Up The Points With Daniel DeShazer!

  • Learn a complete playbook on Takedowns that are both exciting and EFFECTIVE!
  • Use proven techniques from freestyle senior athlete Daniel DeShazer!
  • Master all aspects of the collar tie including clearing and utilizing the collar tie to help you secure the takedown.
  • Control the action by understanding the rhythm of the match with these handfighting and footwork technqiues.
  • Daniel’s stutter snap will have you attacking on the off-beat in a way that is hard to stop.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Clear Collar Tie into Offense - Circle & Dig 0:40
Space & Chop 2:03
Elbow Pass 4:12
Wrist Roll 7:02
Cross Punch to Hook 9:46
Collar "D" to Underhook Finesse - Punch & Run 12:54
Far Knee Tap 16:38
Body Snatcher 20:19
Drag to Single 23:42
Drag to Far Hip 27:46

Volume 2

Stutter Snap 0
Near Leg Throw - By 4:44
Seatbelt to Drive Across & Limp Arm 9:36
Seatbelt to Knee in Front 15:10
King of Ducks - Intro to Beating Thumb Block 17:14
Elbow Tie Duck 18:35
Misdirection Duck 22:33
Fake Duck to Dump 28:49

Volume 3

Flash Light Duck 0
Flash Light Duck to Throw 4:04
Flash Light Duck to Sweep 6:32
Underhook "D" Duck 10:32
Underhook Knee Pound Duck 15:25
Head Outside Duck 18:25
SuperDapDuck 24:16

Volume 4

Neutral Defense - Downblock Fly 0
High Crotch Drag Defense 3:56
Single Leg Baseline Defense 8:28
Crackdown Defense 13:14
Low Single Defense 19:59
Outro 24:23

Get To Work From The First Whistle With An Effective Approach That Will Help You Generate Offense And Rack Up The Points With Daniel DeShazer!


What Will You Learn?

Takedowns are such a large portion of Wrestling that it is an absolute must for athletes to develop. The problem many athletes run into is not forming a cohesive approach where their takedowns “make sense”. If you don’t have a solid game plan when attacking with takedowns you are going to have a hard time securing points.

Use These Creative and Effective Takedowns

The Takedown Playbook looks to provide that gameplan with an easy-to-follow, 4-part series where Olympic hopeful Daniel DeShazer breaks down complex systems into practical phases. First Daniel gets you into the action with a contact based approach you can use from the first whistle. Here you will master the collar tie. Learn to make the collar tie to be advantageous to your next offensive move with transitory techniques that feed directly off of the collar tie. If you find yourself in a bad spot while in the collar tie, Daniel teaches you how to be in the perfect position to successfully clear the collar tie.

Attack In Combination For More Success


A good portion of The Takedown Playbook also spends a good deal of time on using movement and set ups to hit a wide variety of snapdowns and duck unders. By controlling the action you leave your opponent guessing what your next move will be. This provides the perfect opportunity to land snapdowns and duck unders. Daniel dives DEEP on the duck under game and provides over FIVE different duck varieties.

Drag To Precision Offense


Develop a complete approach to takedowns with Daniel DeShazer! The Takedown Playbook is an inside look at Olympic level techniques that will carve a path to successfully landing more takedowns and earning MORE POINTS!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Clear Collar Tie Into Offense
  • Circle & Dig
  • Space & Chop
  • Elbow Pass
  • Wrist Roll
  • Cross Punch to Hook
  • Collar "D" to Underhook Finesse
  • Punch & Run
  • Far Knee Tap
  • Body Snatcher
  • Drag to Single
  • Drag to Far Hip

Part 2:

  • Stutter Snap
  • Near Leg Throw-By
  • Seatbelt to Drive Across & Limp Arm
  • Seatbelt to Knee in Front
  • King of Ducks
  • Intro to Beating Thumb Block
  • Elbow tie Duck
  • Misdirection Duck
  • Fake Duck to Dump

Part 3

  • Flash Light Duck
  • Flash Light Duck to Throw
  • Flash Light Duck to Sweep
  • Underhook "D" Duck
  • Underhook Knee Pound Duck
  • Head Outside Duck
  • Superdapduck

Part 4

  • Neutral Defense
  • Downblock Fly
  • High Crotch Drag Defense
  • Singe Leg Baseline Defense
  • Crackdown Defense
  • Low Single Defense
  • Outro

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