Ben Askren was an NCAA D-1 Wrestler and is notorious for being one of the greatest and most technical wrestlers on the planet

  • Ben is a well seasoned combat veteran with an excellent system for bringing someone down to the ground
  • Ben makes it easy to implement wrestling on anybody, no matter their size, skill, or athletic level
  • This is your opportunity to increase your takedown percentage
  • Learn to attack and defend takedowns like you never thought possible
  • Learn the ins and outs of a system that has seen success across a multitude of combat arts including Wrestling, MMA, BJJ, and more

Ultimate Askren Wrestling by Ben Askren

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The Askren brothers' secrets to dominating the wrestling mats.

featuring Ben Askren, 2x NCAA Champion (4x NCAA finalist) and 2x Dan Hodge Trophy winner at the University of Missouri; 2008 US Olympian;

and Max Askren, 2010 NCAA Champion, 3x All-American, and 2x Big 12 Champion at the University of Missouri;
Ben and Max were the 10th set of brothers in history to both win Division I NCAA titles