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Rubber Guard: Concepts From Half Guard by Richie Martinez


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Richie Martinez

Professional Fighter

Attack With The Most Unorthodox Half Guard System In The World, As 10th Planet Black Belt Richie Martinez Shows How To Use Rubber Guard In Effective Dynamic Ways That Anyone Can Really Use

  • Fight off your back with this signature 10th Planet half guard system from Richie Martinez, and sweep and submit in unusual new ways
  • Richie Martinez is one of 10th Planet’s most recognizable and successful black belt competitors, with world-class experience competing at the highest levels of grappling
  • No flexibility required! Richie shows you how to safely apply rubber guard safely, using position and angles instead of flexibility or joint stress.
  • Learn positions like the Jersey, meathook, chill dog, and more, as Richie explains the techniques and the wild 10th Planet names
  • See how to enter into Jersey, how to attack for sweeps and submissions, and some of Richie’s favorite flows from half guard

Course Content

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Volume 1

Chapter 1 - Introduction 0:00 - 01:11
Chapter 2 - Entries to Jersey - Butterfly entry to Jersey 01:11 - 04:55
Chapter 3 - From z-guard to Jersey 04:55 - 07:54
Chapter 4 - Turtle to Jersey 07:54 - 11:09
Chapter 5 - Jail break to Jersey 11:09 - 15:29
Chapter 6 - Meathook attacks from Jersey - Meathook to triangle 15:29 - 20:07
Chapter 7 - Meathook to the stock 20:07 - 23:38
Chapter 8 - Rubber guard fundamentals 23:38 - 30:08

Volume 2

Chapter 1 - Jersey to chill dog - Carni 0:00 - 04:18
Chapter 2 - Gogoplata 04:18 - 07:29
Chapter 3 - Gogo clinch 07:29 - 11:27
Chapter 4 - Jersey sweep 11:27 - 13:27
Chapter 5 - Shortstop - Short stop/carni 13:27 - 18:26
Chapter 6 - Short stop/omoplata 18:26 - 24:46
Chapter 7 - Short stop sweep 24:46 - 28:38
Chapter 8 - Lockdown/super stop/Jersey/omoplata 28:38 - 35:02
Chapter 9 - Short stop/arm bar 35:02

Volume 3

Chapter 1 - Short stop/arm bar 0:00 - 05:44
Chapter 2 - Stock submission flow 05:44 - 12:48
Chapter 3 - Other 12:48

Attack With The Most Unorthodox Half Guard System In The World, As 10th Planet Black Belt Richie Martinez Shows How To Use Rubber Guard In Effective Dynamic Ways That Anyone Can Really Use




What Will You Learn?

Half guard is one of the most common and effective positions in all of grappling, and now you can learn this dynamic and unique half guard system from 10th Planet black belt Richie Martinez. Use these rubber guard concepts to enter into Richie’s half guard Jersey position, and start sweeping and submitting in unique ways!

Use Your Half Guard In New, Dynamic Ways!



Everyone looks at the rubber guard style of 10th Planet and thinks they need crazy natural flexibility to make it work, but Richie will show you how it’s actually all about positioning and angles. With these tips and techniques, you will see how Richie has taught this same style to so many students of different ages and body types.

Attack Systematically With Sweeps & Subs!




Use some of rubber guard’s most effective attacks from this super strong half guard, as Richie shows you all the sweeps and submissions he uses regularly. Use gogoplatas, the carni shoulder lock, and the short stop with precise technique and full leverage. This offensive system, over 3 parts, can give your half guard a complete new look, one that is as creative as it is effective!

Hook In With Rubber Guard Secrets!




So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Entries to Jersey
  • Butterfly Entry to Jersey
  • From Z-guard to Jersey
  • Turtle to Jersey
  • Jail Break to Jersey
  • Meathook Attacks From Jersey
  • Meathook to Triangle
  • Meathook to The Stock
  • Rubber Guard Fundamentals
  • Stock Sweep to Mounted Gogo

Part 2:

  • Jersey to Chill Dog
  • Carni
  • Gogoplata
  • Gogo Clinch
  • Jersey Sweep
  • Shortstop
  • Short Stop/Carni
  • Short Stop/Omoplata
  • Short Stop Sweep
  • Lockdown/Super Stop/Jersey/Omoplata
  • Short Stop/Armbar

Part 3:

  • Flo
  • Failed Jersey/Back Take
  • Stock Submission Flow
  • Outro

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