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Chokes By Travis Stevens


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Travis Stevens

Professional Fighter

Travis Stevens is a Judo Olympic Silver Medalist and John Danaher Black Belt

  • Travis Stevens has a systematic approach on how to choke anyone
  • Let this be your guide to developing an extremely dangerous and submission oriented game
  • Learn chokes that you have never seen before
  • Become a submission machine and have attacks from everywhere
  • Chokeout the world

Course Content

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Volume 1

3 Lapel Choke From Back 0 - 3:14
Bow & Arrow From Back 3:14 - 6:40
Choking Concepts 6:40 - 13:14
Choking From The Back 13:14 - 17:31
Countering The Counter 17:31 - 21:53
Cross Choke From Butterfly Guard 21:53 - 25:09
Cross Choke From Mount 25:09 - 29:19
Loop Choke From Butterfly Guard 29:19 - 32:30
Reverse Triangle Against A Wrestler 32:30 - 36:01
Triangle Choke From Crucifix 36:01 - 40:05
Triangle From Mount 40:05 - 43:30

“Chokes” DVD by Travis Stevens – Chokes for BJJ as You Never Seen Them Before

“As You Have Never Seen Them Before” 2x US Olympian in Judo and 2x Copa Podio Finalist Travis Stevens shows his choking concepts which blend his pedigree as an Olympic Judoka and his BJJ Black Belt under the great John Danaher.  Travis shows the most common places people get stuck and how you can overcome them.  This program is a very easy and quick way to improve your BJJ Game.