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Ground Marshal Leglocks by Neil Melanson


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Neil Melanson

Professional Fighter

From The Man Who Does Everything Different – Yet All The Big Stars Worship Him: Neil Melanson

  • Attack the lower body in new effective and efficient ways with Coach Melanson’s catch wrestling leg attacks, built for winning fights with savage results
  • Become the king of the mats and never ignore 50% of the human body again with Neil Melanson’s new leg lock attacks, counters, and finishes
  • Leave your opponents tapping fast in these catch wrestling-style subs
  • Learn to attack and defend Leglocks like you never thought possible
  • Change your leg attack game up entirely by rolling with a totally different, but still effective, ashi garami system that Neil has used to teach and train his best fighters

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro/ Z guard hobbler lock 0 - 8:41
Cradle Hip lock 8:41 - 14:10
Z guard compression lock 14:10 - 24:27
Patella lock 24:27 - 28:08
Navy ride kneebar 28:08 - 37:00
Step Over ankle 1 and 2 37:00 - 47:38

Volume 2

Half and half 0 - 4:41
Robinson Toe Hold 4:41 - 9:54
Robinson Toe Hold Option 9:54 - 13:59
Heel hook sequence from guard 13:59 - 35:24
Basic Toe Hold 35:24 - 41:28

Volume 3

Shotgun Straight Ankle 0 - 9:26
Jockey ride to leg lock sequence 9:26 - 16:10
Half crab sequence 16:10 - 24:12
Straight ankle counter with compression 24:12 - 31:34
Inside turn variation compression lock 31:34 - 33:27
Knee compression lock 33:27 - 38:22
Rolling knee bar 38:22 - 41:33
Rolling knee bar from turtle 41:33 - 46:31
Back escape to knee bar and toe hold 46:31 - 52:54

Volume 4

Ankle lace from butterfly pass0 - 11:32
Shotgun inside heel hook11:32 - 20:49
Tuck knee bar20:49 - 23:32
Inside heel hook from K control23:323 - 25:51
Knee bar escape counter25:51 - 29:59
Hobbler from turtle29:59 - 41:02
Turtle to foot lock41:02 - 51:58
Bent bow and arrow51:58 - 1:04:07
Half guard knee bar to compression series1:04:07 - 1:14:05

Catch Your Opponent By The Toe And Learn Submission Wrestling Genius Neil Melanson’s Revolutionary Brutal And Effective Ground Marshall Leglocking System