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The Pillars Side Control Mastery by Stephen Whittier

The Pillars Side Control Mastery by Stephen Whittier

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Serious about being able to CONTROL and SUBMIT more athletic opponents – without having to rely on physical attributes? 
This Is For You!
Hey everyone, this is Stephen Whittier with 40 Plus BJJ back with the next installment of "The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu" series! 
I'm really excited to roll this out (pun intended), after years of refining with my own students and teaching seminars here in the states and abroad...
Frankly, I think this is the most in-depth look at how to create an optimally efficient (a.k.a. effortless) and effective side control game there is.
Not Just Another "Hold 'Em Down & Tap 'Em Out" Course! 
Don't get me wrong – there's plenty of that, but this is not about my own favorite moves. It's much, much more...
This course is just as much about the WHY of a high level side control skill set as it is the HOW, or the moves. 
I've put tons of time into breaking down exactly what you need to know – regardless of age, body type, or style of play – to develop a crushing "Lead Blanket" top pressure without relying on grips, strength, or scrambles.
These concepts and details will not only quickly supercharge your skills on the mat, they'll show you specifically where you need to improve so you can patch holes and diagnose and flaws, then fix them instantly! 
As always, this is about going deep into the "secret sauce" of Jiu-Jitsu: creating the right posture, pressure, alignment, and connection to your opponents. 
My goal is to truly help you work smarter, not harder, and develop a game that will serve you for life!
Here's the bottom line: the more you compensate with physical attributes like strength, power, and explosiveness, the less effective your skills will be...
And the less longevity you will have!
That's doesn't mean you shouldn't stay in shape, or that physical attributes don't matter...
But the solution to technical challenges should never be: use more energy, more strength, or more explosiveness! When you use them to cover up holes in your technique, you are developing a game that won't serve you later on when those attributes start to fade...
The result? You'll eventually have to learn a whole new style of playing the game (hugely frustrating!)
Instead, I want to help you start building "equity" in your skill set, so that you're only going to get better and better even as your athleticism becomes less of an asset!
Let's take a look at what this includes (available in DVD or Digital versions):
Here's Just A Taste Of What "The Pillars: Side Control Mastery" Will Do For Your Game:
  •  Shave weeks, months, even years off your learning curve
  •  Develop or refine skills now that you can still perform and improve into your 60s and beyond!
  •  Apply all those submissions you learned in your first month of Jiu-Jitsu, even against skilled opponents who know how to defend them
  • Build a high-level skill set without having to rely on fast scrambles, or strength, or overuse of grips
  •  Help you to understand exactly where and when you lose control so you can fix problem areas instantly
  •  Learn how to setup and get the tap with only minimal adjustments from your pinning position
  •  Develop a fundamentals-based skillset that will work with or without a gi
  •  Feel like a true "Lead Blanket" (prepare to have training partners ask you if you've gained a bunch of weight!)
  •   And a WHOLE LOT more!
The short version is this... 
"The Pillars: Side Control Mastery" will make it easier than ever for you to get so much more out of your technique by doing so much LESS!
And I break down how to optimize every facet of your top game – each arm position, sitting out toward the head, sitting out toward the legs, etc. – along with how to control and recover position based on all every defensive frame or escape pressure.
I've really put the work in to make sure this will allow you to develop the most efficient and effective top game possible in the shortest amount of time! 
The proof is in the pudding... after years of field testing this material on the mat, with my own students, and through seminars here at home and abroad, I can say with absolute confidence that this will dramatically improve your Jiu-Jitsu, no matter your age or your rank.
As always, this all-new course is only going to be available for A VERY LIMITED TIME, only for those who are ready to make a decision and begin implementing these skills into their games right away!
(And as an extra incentive to get off the fence, I'm even taking $50 off the regular price for those who do and throwing in free shipping for U.S. customers!)
So just choose either option below (DVD or Digital format).
I seriously can't wait to start hearing about your awesome results with your new side control skills.
-Coach Stephen

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