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Uchimata by Yarden Gerbi


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Yarden Gerbi

Professional Fighter

UCHI MATA – Yarben Gerbi

  • Essential knowledge of the Uchi Mata is paramount to your advancement as a Judoka.
  • Recruit the most necessary technical details of one of the original 40 throws of Judo in to your game.
  • Experience never before seen concepts to help you understand the Uchi Mata on a different level.
  • Learn new gripping configurations, set ups, transitions and more from Olympic Bronze medalist, Yarden Gerbi.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Simple Uchimata 0 - 2:53
RvR - Partner moving forward 2:53 - 8:20
RvL - stepping to the outside 8:20 - 13:15
RVL - One Arm Uchimata 13:15 - 17:56
RvR - Russian Grip Uchimata 17:56 - 23:41
RvL - Aggressive Opponent 23:41 - 27:10

Volume 2

RvL - Countering with Uchimata 0 - 2:52
RvL - Uchimata to Osoto 2;52 - 7:01
RvL - Collar Neck Uchimata 7:01 - 11:30
RvL - Dealing With Extreme Stances 11:30 - 14:14
RvR - Opening up Opponent For Uchimata 14:14 - 17:22
RvL - Opening Up Opponent For Uchimata 17:22 - 20:21
Mongolian Wrestling Game For Warm Up 20:21 - 22:31

What Will You Learn?

The Uchi Mata has a storied and rich history in the Judo world. As one of the original 40 throws of the art,  the UCHI MATA IS AN ESSENTIAL TECHNIQUE TO ANY JUDO TOOLBOX. The technique can be found as a contingency plan for the failure of any of its counterparts or it IT CAN BE USED DIRECTLY AS A DEVASTATING AND BEAUTIFUL THROW, that gets the job done in a hurry!

Olympic Bronze medalist Yarben Gerbi offers a systematic approach to this powerful throw and its many technical aspects. From the set up, you’ll notice that there is a different level of detail being displayed here as Gerbi walks you through this COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THROWS IN THE ART OF JUDO. You’ll increase your technical knowledge of mechanics thus maximizing your ability to throw with power and efficiency!


So, What’s on this series?

In this 2-part series Gerbi will demonstrate how to properly open up an opponent, giving you the ability to load up their weight effectively. You'll begin to understand how to deal with different energies and how to cultivate your own! She’ll also cover HOW TO APPROACH AN AGGRESSIVE OPPONENT AND RESPOND TO EXTREME STANCES, helping you to round out your skillset on the UchI Mata as a position.

You won't get lost in this instruction. Gerbi’s teaching is incredibly straightforward and the fat has already been trimmed, leaving nothing but the most essential details for you to recruit immediately in to your throwing arsenal. 


So, what exactly do you get?


  • Simple Uchimata
  • RVR - Partner Moving Forward
  • RVL - Stepping to the Outside
  • RVL - One Arm Uchimata
  • RVR - Russian Grip Uchimata
  • RVL - Aggressive Opponent


  • RVL - Countering With Uchimata
  • RVL - Uchimata to Osoto
  • RVL - Collar Neck Uchimata
  • RVL - Dealing with Extreme Stances
  • RVR - Opening up Opponent for Uchimata
  • RVL Opening up Opponent for Uchimata
  • Mongolian Wrestling Game for Warm Up


So, What Does It Cost?

It's time to expand your knowledge of this classic throw. If you've been having trouble understanding the true mechanics of the Uchi Mata or you're looking to add critical detail work to your existing knowledge, this is the perfect resource to help guide you. Yarden Gerbi is more than qualified to assist you in your quest for Uchi Mata proficiency and help take you to the next level! 

We could have easily charged $150 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that. We’ve cut that price by more $100 and brought you UCHIMATA with Yarden Gerbi  for just: