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Half Guard Destruction by Gabriel Procopio


Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Gabriel Procopio

Professional Fighter

Gabriel Procopio spent a decade learning how to solve the puzzle that is half guard

  • Gabriels main training partner was Bernardo Faria for a decade
  • Frustrate and destroy all of your training partners half guards
  • Simplify and slow down the game
  • Pass anybodies guard
  • Learn how to dominate one of the most popular guards

Course Content

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Volume 1

intro 0 - :53
half guard basic head control :53 - 4:49
half guard basic head control with lapel 4:49 - 10:41
lapel pass arm trap 5 min 10:41 - 15:41
back take from lapel pass arm trap 15:41 - 19:54
breaking 3/4 mount 19:54 - 25:11
rolling​back take from 3/4 mount 25:11 - 29:45
reverse armbar 29:45 - 34:57
half guard to arm triangle 34:57 - 41:14
inverted arm bar as a deep half counter 41:14 - 44:51
back take as a deep half counter 44:51 - 50:12

Volume 2

double underhook​ pass from half guard 0 - 4:45
near side underhook pass 4:45 - 8:58
deep half pass to side control 8:58 - 13:37
deep half to reverse half to side control 13:37 - 19:11
deep half to reverse half to knee bar 19:11 - 24:26
weave pass vs knee shield 24:26 - 28:43
double over pass from knee shield 28:43 - 33:22
back step pass half guard 33:22 - 36:07
tripod pass 36:07 - 39:11
leg drag from half guard 39:11 - 42:58
sneaky knee bar from half guard 42:58 - 47:05

Gabriel Procopio has spent years studying how to pass some of the toughest half guards in the world on a daily basis, and now he is bringing that knowledge to you in this 2 DVD set, guaranteed to improve your top game