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The Art Of Pressure: Half Guard Passing by Luiz Dentinho

The Art Of Pressure: Half Guard Passing by Luiz Dentinho

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Put your opponent under constant duress, with submissions, passes, and PRESSURE!

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What Will You Learn?

Luiz “Dentinho” Eduardo is a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu with ample amounts of experience BOTH on top of the podium as well as in the academy teaching class. His competition backed techniques are sure to give ANY athlete some useful tools to generate pressure in a way that controls your opponent but opens up multiple avenues of effective passing. Why is pressure passing SO effective?

Pressure Passing doesn’t require you to be a strong athlete, ANYONE can generate pressure. The trick is learning HOW to apply pressure in a way that gives you the ability to control your opponent while providing opportunities for you to implement your pass. The Art of Pressure: Half Guard Passing is a 4-part instructional that is broken up into multiple segments, where Luiz dedicates his expertise to uncovering the critical details pertaining to EACH pass.

Passing half guard is a tricky endeavor, as any Jiu-Jitsu practitioner will tell you. Pressure Passing has been used since the beginning of the sport, and when done right can dismantle the half guard. Luiz teaches you how to use your body, regardless of your dimensions, in a way that gives you the ability to limit movement and negate grips through the use of Precision Pressure!

Use pressure based concepts to launch an all out assault on your opponent’s half guard. Place your opponent in a hostile environment with immense pressure from the top position. After suffering a bit, your opponent will have to choose between letting you pass, or getting caught in a submission. Luiz has your all out attack plan with The Art of Pressure: Half Guard Passing!

Learn a systematic approach to dismantling multiple forms of half guard!

3/4 Mount

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Z Half Guard Pass
  • Z Half Guard Pass # 1 
  • Z Half Guard Pass # 2 
  • Z Half Guard Pass # 3 
  • Drill Simulation Z Half Guard Pass 
  • Shoulder Pressure 
  • Passing to Side Control 
  • Passing to the Mount
  • Passing the Lockdown 
  • Shoulder Pressure Drill Simulation 
  • Shoulder Pressure Drill 2 

Part 2:

  • The Tripod Pass 
  • Tripod to Side Control
  • Tripod to Mount 
  • Passing the Lockdown 
  • Tripod Pass Simulation Drill 
  • Knee on Belly 
  • Knee on Belly # 1 
  • Knee on Belly # 2 
  • Knee on Belly # 3 
  • Knee on Belly Simulation Drill 

Part 3:

  • Knee Cut Pass
  • Knee Cut Pass # 1 
  • Knee Cut Pass # 2 
  • Knee Cut Simulation Drill 
  • Submissions from Half Guard
  • Kimura From Half Guard #1 
  • Kimura From Half Guard #2 
  • Footlock From Half Guard 
  • Submissions from Half Guard Simulation Drill 

Part 4:

  • When Opponent Has The Underhook
  • Opponent has Underhook # 1 
  • Opponent has Underhook # 2 
  • Half Guard Passing Simulation Drill
  • Half Guard to 3/4 Mount 
  • 3/4 Mount # 1 
  • 3/4 Mount # 2 
  • 3/4 Mount # 3 
  • 3/4 Mount Simulation Drill
  • Bonus: Half Guard Concept 
  • Conclusion 

Z Half Guard Pass Simulation Drill

So, What Does It All Cost?


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