High Percentage Submissions by Bernardo Faria (Vol 1-4 On Demand )

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“How Would You Like To Learn The Secret To Tapping Your Opponents - From The World’s Top Submission Hunter (And Oh By The Way, He’s Also The Best Black Belt In The World)?”

5X Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria Teaches The Sequences He Used To Tap Nearly All of His Opponents En Route To Winning Pan And World Championship Double Gold.

“To Tap Your Opponents You Need Don’t Need ‘Moves’ You Need High Percentage ‘Sequences of Moves.’”


VOl. 1

- Introduction - Bernardo

- Pan Am Scarf Choke

- Pan Am Scarf Choke With Both Hands

- Pan Am Scarf Choke Variation

- Triangle From Side Control

- Arm Bar Throwing The Leg

- North South Arm Bar

- Kimura

- Katagatame


VOl. 2

- Wrist Lock From Side Control

- Arm Bar When Opponent Try Side Control Escape

- Cross Choke

- Knee On Belly

- Baseball Choke From Knee On Belly

- Straight Arm Bar From High Mount

- Inverted Arm Bar From High Mount

- Basic Arm Bar From Mount

- Ezequiel

- Katagatame Fom Mount

- Super Man Arm Bar


VOl. 3

- Triangle From Mount

- Basic Choke From Back

- Bow And Arrow From Back

- Arm Lock From Back

- Bow And Arrow When Opponent Try To Escape

- Arm Bar From Back When Opponent Try To Escape

- Straight Arm Bar With Kimura Grip

- Spread The Chicken

- Ezequiel When Opponent Try To Escape


VOl. 4

- Clock Choke

- Double Leg Defense With Loop Choke

- Omoplata

- Wrist Lock From Closed Guard

- Arm Bar/Triangle From Brabo Choke

- Triangle From Spider Guard

- Triangle From Spider Guard When Opponent Does Combat Base

- Gable Grip Knee Bar From Bottom

- Straight Knee Bar When Opponent Switch Base

- Toe Hold From Bottom

- Kimura From Top Half Guard

- Straight Knee Bar From Top With Foot Trap

- Knee Bar From Over/Under Pass

This is the full submission game of the #1 submission hunter on the planet at the highest level.

Bernardo teaches you safe moves that will not cost you position (save for the flying triangle from Side control..) and he also teaches you to attack in sequences so the submission becomes inevitable.