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Mastering the Guillotine by John Combs


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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John Combs

Professional Fighter

MASTER one of No-Gi’s Highest Percentage techniques, the Guillotine!

  • Secure SLICK Snapdowns that get you into Guillotine territory, CONSISTENTLY.
  • Shutdown threats from your opponent. Combs Shows you how to avoid the counter to the Guillotine.
  • IF they find a way to defend, Learn how John Combs uses the threat of the Guillotine to take the back, over and over again.
  • Guillotine Everyone, From Everywhere!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 1:01
Basics of Control 1:01 - 5:44
Snapdowns and Front Headlock Entries 5:44 - 14:21
Addressing Your Opponent’s Threats 14:21 - 18:15
Go Behinds Part 1 18:15 - 22:29
Go Behinds Part 2 22:29 - 26:43

Volume 2

High Wrist Guillotine 0 - 5:19
Counter Guillotine to Back Take 5:19 - 9:07
High Elbow Guillotine 9:07 - 12:24
Combatine 12:24 - 18:24
Low Elbow Guillotine 18:24 -21:22
Guillotine Defense 21:22 - 27:08

Volume 3

Head and Arm Variations 0 - 10:35
Options From Supine Headlock 10:35 - 14:46
How To Escape a Guillotine 14:46 - 23:33

Volume 4

Using Front Headlock To Address A Pommel From Half Guard 0 - 9:01
Guillotine From Side Control 9:01 - 13:06
Mounted Guillotine 13:06 - 17:27
Guillotine From Turtle 17:27 - 23:18

MASTER one of No-Gi’s Highest Percentage techniques, the Guillotine!

Secure SLICK Snapdowns that get you into Guillotine territory, CONSISTENTLY.

What Will You Learn?

The Guillotine is one of the most versatile and efficient submissions in Jiu-Jitsu. Whether its Gi or No-Gi you can use the guillotine to completely SHUTDOWN takedowns. Even good wrestlers have trouble securing takedowns on someone who is constantly threatening with chokes. In Mastering The Guillotine BY John Combs you will hone in on how to HUNT for the neck.

Combs takes you on a journey through the major sequences you will encounter with the Guillotine. Whether you are standing, in a front headlock, or top half guard, Mastering The Guillotine BY John Combs provides a pathway to find the guillotine. Not just ANY guillotine either….

John Combs illustrates the multiple ways to adapt the guillotine. The 90’s are over, and just simply grabbing a font choke and falling to your guard doesn’t work anymore. Learn the BEST way to apply the guillotine in any given situation. Mastering The Guillotine shows you use the high wrist, high elbow, and low elbow guillotine variations. Comb’s unique COMBATINE is a new and exciting twist on this classic technique that will catch your opponent by surprise!

Mastering The Guillotine BY John Combs is a comprehensive look at ALL-THINGS Guillotine. Know how to attack, transition, and of course DEFEND the Guillotine. John Combs has a competition-tested strategy that requires no immense strength or athleticism. Take your submission game and upgrade it with an unstoppable Guillotine Game!

So What's On This Series?

Part 1:


Basics of Control 

Snapdowns and Front Headlock Entries

Addressing Your Opponent’s Threats 

Go Behinds Part 1

Go Behinds Part 2 

Part 2:

High Wrist Guillotine 

Counter Guillotine to Back Take 

High Elbow Guillotine 


Low Elbow Guillotine 

Guillotine Defense

Part 3:

Head and Arm Variations 

Options From Supine Headlock 

How To Escape a Guillotine 

Part 4:

Using Front Headlock To Address A Pommel From Half Guard 

Guillotine From Side Control

Mounted Guillotine 

Guillotine From Turtle


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