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Passing the Guard: BJJ Fundamentals - Go Further Faster by John Danaher


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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John Danaher

Professional Fighter

Learn How To Pass The Guard With This Five Step System From The World’s Most Sought After Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach

  • Push the vast limits of guard passing fundamentals and study Professor John Danaher’s unified system for killing the guard.
  • Learn what the five steps to guard passing are, the requirements for the guard passer, and John’s NAC guard passing method.
  • Professor John Danaher is one of the smartest minds in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the famous coach of athletes like Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon, and GSP.
  • Cut down on your learning time around one of the hardest tasks in BJJ, passing the guard with precision.
  • Know more, win more.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction to Passing the Guard 0 - 3:40
Philosophy of Opening a Closed Guard 3:40 - 12:11
Top Position: Opening a closed Guard 12:11 - 30:31
Opening Closed Guard 2 30:31 - 37:41
opening closed guard 3 37:41 - 44:26
Opening Closed guard 4 44:26 - 53:02
opening closed guard 5 53:02 - 56:05
opening closed guard 6 56:05 - 1:00:39
opening closed guard 7 1:00:39 - 1:05:40
opening closed guard 8 1:05:40 - 1:07:20
opening closed guard 9 1:07:20 - 1:11:48
opening closed guard 10 1:11:48 - 1:19:03
opening closed guard 11 1:19:03 - 1:29:41

Volume 2

Overview of Standard Method Of Opening Closed Guard 0 - 8:29
Opening Closed guard: Knee Post Method 8:29 - 16:12
Knee Post Method 2 16:12 - 21:40
Knee Post Method 3 21:40 - 23:53
knee post method 4 23;53 - 27:33
knee post method 5 27:33 - 29:30
knee post method 6 29:30 - 34:07
Opening Closed Guard / Lifting Method 34:07 - 41:16
Overview of 3 methods 41:16 - 47:10
Problem of Procrastination 47:10 - 52:50
the Most Important Message Of This Video: The 5 Steps Of Guard Passing - Step 1 52:50 - 1:00:13
Step 2 1:00:13 - 1:06:25
Step 3 1:06:25 - 1:10:52
Step 4 1:10:52 - 1:17:44
Step 5 1:17:44 - 1:27:10
Negate Advantage Completion Guard Passing Model - NAC Open Guard Passing Method 1:27:10 - 1:31:35
Split Squat as Ultimate Staging Platform 1:31:35 - 1:36:29
Single Biggest Insight into Guard Passing: Side to Side Pressure 1:36:29 - 1:43:50
Mechanical and Tactical Advantage 1:43:50 - 1:53:22

Volume 3

First Requirement Of A Guard Passing Program: Technical Proficiency With The Most High Percentage Methods 0 - 1:34
Double Under Pass 1:34 - 26:12
Over Under Pass 26:12 - 46:17
Knee Cut Pass 46:17 - 1:26:06

Volume 4

Toreando Pass 0 - 1:05:33

Volume 5

Leg Drag 0 - 35;06
Long Step Guard Pass 35:06 - 1:09:15
The Smash Pass 1:09:15 - 1:18:14

Volume 6

Second Requirement Of A Guard Passing Program: The Ability To Break Connections And Shut Down a Dangerous Guard 0 - 7:26
Cross Collar Cuff And Bicep Guard 7:26 - 28:36
De La Riva Guard 28:36 - 42:37
Reverse De la Riva 42:37 - 47:13
Lasso Guard 47:13 - 52:56
Spider And Lasso Guard 52:56 - 1:00:18
Double Spider Guard 1:00:18 - 1:07:27
Emergency Measures 1:07:27 - 1:14:13
Ashi Garami 1:14:13 - 1:21:37
The 3rd Requirement Of A Guard Passing Program: The Ability To Maintain Top Position 1:21:37 - 1:23:40
The Ancient Law Of Push When Pulled And Pull When Pushed 1:23:40 - 1:31:26
Recovering From A Fall 1:31:26 - 1:44:38

Volume 7

The Fourth Requirement of a Guard Passing Program: Using Staging Positions To Pass A Dangerous Guard - the four best staging positions - 1) The Split Squat Position (Headquarters) 0 - 12:47
Second Great Virtue of the Split Squat Position: hip Control and Head Control 12:47 - 16:30
Negating Both Feet From Split Squat 16:30 - 21:45
2) The Knee Drop 21:45 - 26:13
3) Double Knee Position 26:13 - 29:56
4) Outside Advantage Position 29:56 - 39:07
Putting Skills & Theory Into Combative Context 39:07 - 51:47
Flattening an Opponent 51:47 - 1:00:45
Negating An Opponent’s Guard 1:00:45 - 1:07:46
The Fifth Requirement of a guard passing program: finding advantage within a neutral position - creating advantage while passing 1:07:46 - 1:26:01

Volume 8

Guard Passing From The Shoulder Line 0 - 8:35
sixth requirement of a guard passing program: breaking through defensive frames and getting to your pin - Beating Frames - Distance 8:35 - 13:48
Angle Change 13:48 - 16:04
Direction 16:04 - 20:39
Directly Attacking The Frames 20:39 - 24:11
Side To Side Pressure 24:11 - 29:35
Beating Inversion 29:35 - 33:40
Turning In To Turtle 33:40 - 38:24
Turning Out To Turtle 38:24 - 42:33
Propping 42:33 - 46:20

Learn How To Pass The Guard With This Five Step System From The World’s Most Sought After Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach

Professor John Danaher Shows You How To Go Further Faster With This Martial Arts Masterclass In Guard Passing Fundamentals

Opening The Closed Guard With John Danaher:

What Will You Learn?

Push the vast limits of guard passing fundamentals and study Professor John Danaher’s unified system for killing the guard. Combine the core concepts with his one-of-a-kind insights to bring your knowledge of how to pass a guard to a whole new level. Many regard Professor Danaher as the single best instructor in all of grappling right now, and this is your chance to get 8 volumes packed with the same teaching he gives his championship athletes.

The mission of John Danaher’s Go Further Faster series is to share his incredible knowledge of the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so that everyone can benefit from high level instruction and technique no matter where they are. Professor Danaher’s style of coaching is thorough, detail-oriented, and created to be so systematic and complete that a grappler of any skill level can pick it up and come away with effective answers to his biggest problems.

Across this 8-volume masterclass series, John Danaher breaks down his overview of the problems guard presents, and how he goes about solving them. Every guard pass has certain requirements built in, and now you can learn exactly what those are and how to use them to your advantage with laws and principles of human movement and grappling. Instead of seeing the guard as infinite traps and bad options, instead see your path to dominant positions and safety with these helpful techniques and advantages.

These 8-volumes are like a college course on how to pass a guard, taught by one of the smartest coaches in the world. He covers every detail, no matter how small, so that you can get everything out of this series. Learn the right ways to walk, hold your posture, get back up from knock downs, and break frames to establish the pass.

What’s On This Series

Pass the guard by asking the right questions, then using your techniques to answer them. Every guard pass has the same steps, just in different forms. Break and reduce their connections and attacks, control distance, and pass from the safe positions that John recommends. With that step-by-step fundamental knowledge, you can begin moving safely through the guard with the passes Professor Danaher considers the most useful in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Learn the important movements and details behind the most popular passes in all of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and how they fit together into one cohesive game. Master the basics behind the knee cut pass, the toreando, the leg drag, smash pass, long step, and the over under and double under positions. Once Professor Danaher has explained all of the grips, forces, and steps in those attacks, you can begin to break down the sequences of guard passing one by one.

The Knee Drop by John Danaher:

Included in these passing sequences are some of the strongest staging positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A staging position is a neutral position in the guard where you can safely work to pass, like John’s prefered split squat and double unders positions. Even if you do get tangled in the guard, see all of John’s favorite ways to untangle himself by picking apart guards like De La Riva, lasso, spider, x guard, and even closed guard like he is picking the right key for the right lock to get himself free. 

So What Does It All Cost?

Well that depends, what is it worth to learn from the greatest BJJ instructor on earth? We could have easily charged you $347, but we're not going to do that.  Instead, cut that price by almost 50%

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