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Solo And Partner Grappling Drills For Rapid Improvement by Tom DeBlass


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
Downloadable videos - YES! You can download this course and watch it on your favorite devices.
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Professional Fighter

Learn The Drilling Sequences & Secrets That Will Turbo Charge Your BJJ Development & Allow You To Get Better In Far Less Time from Tom DeBlass

  • Drills That You Can Practice With A Partner & Even On Your Own
  • Drilling Will Improve Your Skills 4-5 Times Faster Than Just Regular Sparring
  • Learn the drills that helped shape the career of one of the most decorated American Grapplers
  • Each volume comes full of useful drills that you can do, anywhere or with anyone, to reach a new level faster than you ever have before
  • These are great movement-based exercises that you can use to warm up, flow roll, or do on your own time to stay active and engaged on your own

Course Content

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Volume 1

High leg escape guard recovery drill 0 - 7:02
Sitting guard retention against a standing opponent 7:02 - 11:37
Inversion drills for all sizes 11:37 - 18:56
Following passer to single leg X 18:56 - 23:49
Leg pummel drill to ashi to X guard 23:49 - 29:02
Butterfly guard drill heist/elevate 29:02 - 32:14
Butterfly arm drag to ashi/backtake/stiff arm reversal 32:14 - 36:12

Volume 2

Half guard leg weave defense drill 0 - 4:51
Half guard drag to spartan kick drill 4:51 - 7:48
Half guard Kimura to ashi drill 7:48 - 12:25
Armbar/triangle/omoplata/leg lock transitional drill 12:25 - 18:00
Turtle spin back exposure drill 18:00 - 22:22
Leg drag warm up drill 22:22 - 24:59
Knee slice to kimura drill 24:59 - 27:04
Retaining and escaping mount drills 27:04 - 33:46

Volume 3

Retaining mount with windshield wipers 0 - 1:44
Baiting triangle guard pass to back entry 1:44 - 5:56
Escaping the triangle to leg entries drill 5:56 - 10:43
Side control escape to offensive attack 10:43 - 14:41
Arm attack drills 14:41 - 18:33
Leg pummel drill 18:33 - 23:50
Inside control leg game 23:50 - 27:53

Volume 4

Half guard pummeling drill 0 - 4:28
Back escape drill 4:28 - 14:35
Knee lever drill 14:35 - 19:10
Putting it all together flow roll plus outro 19:10 - 30:46

Learn The Drilling Sequences & Secrets That Will Turbo Charge Your BJJ Development & Allow You To Get Better In Far Less Time

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