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Tarikoplata by Tarik Hopstock


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Tarik Hopstock

Professional Fighter

Learn one of jiu-jitsu's most innovative and effective attacks from the fighter who named it, as Norwegian brown belt and world absolute medalist Tarik Hopstock shows the unique Tarikoplata submission that has made him one of the most notorious BJJ up-and-comers today

  • Learn the Tarikoplata, one of BJJ's most exciting new submissions, from the man it's named for, Tarik Hopstock
  • This unique submission hold has lit up the BJJ competition scene, with everyone from Tarik Hopstock to Gordon Ryan swearing by its effectiveness
  • Attack this innovative and effective shoulder lock from top and bottom position, even against much bigger and stronger fighters
  • See Tarik spar against Placido so he can demonstrate the ways he finds and finishes the submission against a resisting opponent

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - :37
Top Kimura Setup :37 - 5:42
Tarikoplata finish 5:42 - 8:10
Forward roll 8:10 - 12:09
Backwards roll 13:09 - 14:13
Double under entry 14:13 - 17:58
Knee shield entry 17:58 - 26:39
Collar sleeve entry 26:39 - 29:56
S mount entry 29:56 - 32:18
Turtle entry 32:18 - 35:04
Top kimura options 35:04 - 37:51
Double under options 37:51 - 40:01
Knee shield options 40:01 - 45:11
Tarikoplata Options From Top Position 45:11 - 47:16
Tarik vs Barato-Plata 47:16 - 48:36
Troubleshooting From Tarikoplata 48:36 - 52:05
Live action 52:05 - 54:07

Learn This Crazy Position This Lightweight Genius In Norway Developed As A Blue Belt To Slay Black Belts

It Worked Then & It Still Works: The Tarikoplata Is One Of The Strongest Positions On Earth & It Is Easy To Get Once You Know The Tricks

Tarikoplata Finish by Tarik Hopstock

What Will You Learn?

This unique shoulder lock has been his signature and now even champion black belts are coming to him to learn what makes this so effective. Lock on this sneaky kimura variation from anywhere, as Tarik takes you through the entries and positions he has been using to finish fights and hunt the submission before going live against Placido so he can demonstrate its effectiveness in action.

The Tarikoplata is a kimura variation that lets Tarik Hopstock, a brown belt middleweight, tap out opponents way bigger and stronger than he is. By maximizing his leverage with a few simple adjustments, he has discovered ways to super charge the kimura and turn it into a shoulder lock that gets the tap without ever having to break stubborn grips and waste energy attacking people with stronger arms. Get the details behind the submission that even John Danaher credits as a dangerous and effective submission threat that he teaches his team, directly from the fighter who is synonymous with the lock.

With tons of entries and finishes, this dynamic lock can be an ace in the hole for anyone who adds it to their game. Tarik takes you through all of the most common and effective ways that he finds his submissions, and then how to break through even the strongest and most stubborn defenses with fundamental positioning and patient technique.

Once the technical breakdowns are done, Tarik even goes live against the world's most famous uke Placido, showing how he finds his way to the Tarikoplata over and over from bottom position and top position. If you want to add a new, exciting, and dynamic submission threat to your arsenal, then the Tarikoplata is perfect for you.

What Exactly Do You Get?


Top Kimura Setup :

Tarikoplata finish

Forward roll 

Backwards roll 

Double under entry 

Knee shield entry 

Collar sleeve entry 

S mount entry 

Turtle entry 

Top kimura options 

Double under options 

Knee shield options

Tarikoplata Options From Top Position 

Tarik vs Barato-Plata 

Troubleshooting From Tarikoplata 

Live action

So What Does It All Cost?

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