The 50/50 Guard By Felipe "Preguica" Pena - Part 2 (On Demand)

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“To Beat A Higher Ranked Opponent in BJJ- You Just Need To Be Better Where He Is Weak… & Barely Anyone Outside Of Brazil Understands The 50/50”
Felipe “Preguica” Pena’s 50/50 Guard Is Unstoppable because your opponents are clueless there. These Techniques Are Easy To Learn And Will Improve Your Game More Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Are The Brazilians Hiding Their Best Techniques?
Let’s look at some numbers: Each year in BJJ at the World Championships 10 weight classes are contested and 10 World titles are awarded. So from 2000-2015 (16 years) there were 160 Black Belt Gold Medals awarded and 2 of them went to Americans: Meaning 158 out of 160 didn’t. That means Americans are losing at the highest levels 99% of the time.
Most of the best Brazilian competitors in the world live in the U.S. – there are BJJ Schools all over the place, in every major city: almost every person in the country has access to a good school. Yet Americans can’t win at the highest level. Why??

One possible reason is that the best techniques aren’t being shared. Watch some high level BJJ matches and count how many times the best guys end up in 50/50 – it’s a lot. Yet the position isn’t being taught. Ask around in your gym and see how many guys know what to do from there. They might say, “Ah, that’s just a stalling position,” and they are right but they are missing a huge point:
The 50/50 Isn’t a Stalling Position If You Know What To Do!
When You Have A Plan – Sweeping and Then Passing Is As Easy As Taking Candy From a Baby
The 50/50 is being taught in Brazil. These guys go over the sequence in painstaking detail. Why? Because their opponents don’t and as Royce Gracie showed the world: It’s very easy to beat a guy in a position when he doesn’t know what to do.

So What’s on Felipe Pena’s 50/50 Guard?
Bernardo DVD 1

VOl. 2

​ 50/50 Entry From Spider Guard
​ Knee Bar From 50/50
​ Leg Drag Pass From 50/50
​ Sweep and Pass
​ BackStep Pass
​ 50/50 Inverted Triangle
​ Inverted Kimura Triangle Finish
​ Estima Lock From 50/50

Who is Felipe “Preguica” Pena?

Felipe is maybe the best young Brazilian to hit the scene in years as a black belt. He is the 2015 reigning weight and open class champion at the Black Belt No Gi World Championships. He is an absolute killer – but he wasn’t always.
He was given the nickname “Preguica” because as a fat kid learning Jiu JItsu he was seen as being lazy. So it was his technique not his ability that has allowed him to succeed. He has won world titles at every level even though he is just 24, including double Gold at the No Gi Worlds in November 2015.

Felipe is the first Brazilian to show his 50/50 and this is something you can learn!
You know you need the 50/50 Guard, so the next question is… How Much???
Well, what is it worth to learn the secrets that are going to allow you to sweep bigger, stronger & more athletic opponents every time??
This is the most comprehensive 50/50 video on the market. World champion Felipe “Preguica” Pena is going to draw back the curtain and let you in on the secrets he’s perfected through years of hard work.
We’d ask how much do you think it would cost to get a personal instructional from the reigning No Gi world champ but we won’t bother – he’s so in demand right now you couldn’t get one even if you wanted to!
So again, how much would you expect to pay for this kind of learning experience?
We could easily have charged $97 and it would have been a bargain. But we’re not going to do that.
Instead, cut that price by more than 50%! That’s right…
You can get the Felipa “Preguica” Pena 50/50 Guard Vol.1 & 2, – in which he reveals all his secrets – for just… $47
There’s one other not-so-small detail…
Felipe is very proud of his training and the tips contained herein. For that reason, there is a LIMITED supply of these videos! So if you want to ensure your copy, you MUST act now.
Limited amount printed – when they are gone- they are gone