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The No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0 by Jeff Glover


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Jeff Glover

Professional Fighter

No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0—Jeff Glover

  • DEEP HALF GUARD is the underrated KEY to sweeps and submissions for even the most inflexible and non-athletic grappler
  • Let Jeff show you how to turn EVERY bad spot into a DEEP HALF GUARD escape or SWEEP!
  • Find out how to use the “Reptillian” and why it’s one of Jeff’s favorite ways to deal with the dreaded underhook.
  • Use Jeff’s deep half guard drills for people who hate drilling to speed up your progress.
  • The beauty of this series is that you are not only getting the best instruction from one of the pioneers of Deep Half Guard, Jeff Glover—you are also getting a new, fresh perspective on the position from this OG of grappling

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 0:32
Overtop 0:32 - 6:34
Backdoor 6:34 - 12:32
Single Leg 12:32 - 18:41
How to get there 18:41 - 20:31
Knee Shield 20:31 - 25:42
Full Mount 25:42 - 31:33

Volume 2

Bottom Side Mount 0 - 0:35
A) lead 0:35 - 5:07
B) trail 5:07 - 9:42
Escaping the back 9:42 - 17:33
Standard 1/2 17:33 - 24:13
Knee on Belly 24:13 - 29:12

Volume 3

What to avoid 0 - 0:59
The problem of the Under-hook 0:59 - 7:01
Chin strap 7:01 - 12:28
Jump over head 12:28 - 19:14
Drills 19:14
Around the world (general drill) 19:14 - 22:46
Lift and Dump over the top drill 22:46 - 26:08
Back door drill 26:08 - 29:36
Closing 29:36 - 30:00

Jeff Glover Is A Legend Among Legends In The World Of Grappling

Before The World Knew The Names Of The Likes Of Garry Tonon And Renato Canuto, Jeff Glover Was Electrifying Audiences With His Creative And Entertaining Grappling Style

What Will You Learn?

Jeff Glover is not only the Godfather of ENTERTAINING MATCHES. Who can forget his “Secret Match” where he stepped out of his commentator clothing at Metamoris to take on the legend, Baret Yoshida?

Jeff is also an amazing instructor who has pioneered the usage of many key positions in the history of grappling. As a small, mostly featherweight competitor, his most important contribution was his work with the Deep Half Guard.

Jeff Glover has amassed a number of Absolute Gold Medals over his career because of two things: One he’s crazy and has no fear and two, he’s supremely confident in his positions like Deep Half Guard which allow him to work effectively to counter the size advantage of larger opponents. In No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0, you’re going to get all of the latest entries and sweeps to keep your opponents guessing and getting reversed.

So What's On This Series?

This series is broken into three parts. In Part One, Jeff is going to explain the philosophy and system behind his approach to Deep Half Guard. Then before you’re done with Part One, he’s going to be talking about some of the initial entries and positions where you never thought you could get Deep Half Guard before.

In Part Two, you will get even more entries into this powerful position. We are all looking for ways to get out of the worst positions that our opponents can put us in. The magic of Jeff’s approach is that he’s going to show you how to escape and get to Deep Half Guard which will frustrate your opponents and get you back on top with one of his sweeps in no time!

Part Three is where you’re going to get into more of the troubleshooting around the Deep Half Guard position. Jeff is going to show you what to look out for and what mistakes to avoid before you even make them. He’s going to save you time and speed up your learning curve with this section. Included in this section will also be a series of drills to help you reinforce the techniques he’s taught in No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0.

So What Exactly Do You Get?

The beauty of this series is that you are not only getting the best instruction from one of the pioneers of Deep Half Guard, Jeff Glover—you are also getting a new, fresh perspective on the position from this OG of grappling.

The types of passing and submission attacks that Jeff Glover faced back in 2007 are not the same that he is facing today in 2019. Because of this, the Deep Half Position has had to evolve and this is why he’s now ready to release this new updated 2.0 version of this important position

So What Techniques Are On This Series? 

Part 1:




Single Leg 

How to get there 

Knee Shield 

Full Mount

Part 2:

Bottom Side Mount 

A) lead

B) trail 

Escaping the back 

Standard 1/2 

Knee on Belly

Part 3:

What to avoid 

The problem of the Under-hook 

Chin strap 

Jump over head

Drills - around the world (general drill) 

over the top drill 

Back door drill

Single leg drill


So What Does It All Cost?

Jeff Glover is one of the most respected competitors and instructors in the history of grappling. The creativity of his positions, coupled with his clear, concise explanation of positions that at first might seem complicated, goes a long way to allowing ANY grappler at ANY level be successful with the Deep Half Guard. Whether you’re a small jiu jiteiro like Jeff or a bigger grappler, everyone can effectively put the Deep Half Guard position to work for them to keep their opponent’s weight off of them and reverse them with ease and that’s what you’ll do with the help of this system.

We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that. Instead cut that price nearly 50% and get No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0 for just: