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Championship Level Catch Wrestling by Josh Barnett


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Josh Barnett

Professional Fighter

Legendary MMA Heavyweight Josh Barnett teaches his catch wrestling principles and concepts for the dynamic double wrist lock

  • The double wrist lock is a kimura variation, that you can supercharge with these catch-as-catch-can secrets that have been passed down to Josh
  • Learn this new style of grappling excellence from one of its most recognizable students, the great Josh Barnett
  • See all the catch details for getting the lock, controlling the position, and using it to get the submission in this total technical approach
  • Josh Barnett is a former UFC Champion, World No-Gi Black Belt Champion, and MMA legend who has fought and studied all over the world under some of grappling’s greatest instructors

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Grips and Framing for Double Wrist Lock 1:24
Framing, Finishing and Head Position 14:35

Volume 2

Grip Breaks 0
First Side Control Entry 12:00
Fujiwara Style 21:08

Volume 3

Double Wrist Lock against the Underhook 0
Double Wrist Lock from Half Guard 7:50
Double Wrist Lock from North South 14:03
Double Wrist Lock from Mount 20:15
Short Arm Scissor Double Wrist Lock 24:27
Overhook to Head pinch with Knee 28:28

Attack The Submission In A Whole New Way With This Savage Staple of Catch Wrestling, The Double Wrist Lock (Kimura), From Former UFC Champion and MMA Legend Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett Shows The Catch System For Securing and Finishing The Fight With This Dynamic Double Wrist Lock

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What Will You Learn?

Cinch in the double wrist lock and use this devastating submission to its maximum force with this new 3-volume series from Josh Barnett. The MMA legend shows you how, as a catch wrestling expert, he approaches one of the most common (but misunderstood) submission holds in all of grappling, and how you can use these catch concepts to attack in new, exciting, and effective ways.

The double wrist lock is a variation of the kimura in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and catch wrestling has made this hold a bread-and-butter part of their style. By focusing on its use for years, Josh has studied from the great's how to get the lock, break their grips and defenses, and then work for the submission as you get the most leverage. Now, on this 3-volume series, those keys to victory can be yours.

Josh Barnett is an MMA legend, having competed and won at the highest levels all around the globe. He’s won UFC world championships, world black belt no-gi grappling championships, and fought a who’s-who of the best to ever do it at heavyweight. Take home this central part of his ground game now as he explains how you can use that double wrist lock from everywhere.

Find your double wrist lock from everywhere with this guide, including side control, mount, north south, half guard, and more. Once you get that grip, Josh takes you step-by-step through the finishing sequences that will let you get dominating submissions, without ever relying on strength and size.

First Side Control Entry

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Grips and Framing for Double Wrist Lock 
  • Framing, Finishing and Head Position 

Part 2:

  • Grip Breaks
  • First Side Control Entry 
  • Fujiwara Style 

Part 3:

  • Double Wrist Lock against the Underhook
  • Double Wrist Lock from Half Guard 
  • Double Wrist Lock from North South 
  • Double Wrist Lock from Mount 
  • Short Arm Scissor Double Wrist Lock 
  • Overhook to Head pinch with Knee 

Short Arm Scissor Double Wrist Lock

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