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Mastering Wrestling Defenses & Counter Attacks by Bo Nickal


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Bo Nickal

Professional Fighter

Counter Their Best Shots With These Modern Wrestling Defenses From Hodge Trophy Winner Bo Nickal

  • Counter leg attacks with these creative and effective wrestling techniques from the Nittany Lion wrestling phenom
  • Bo Nickal is the 2019 Hodge Trophy Winner, 3-time NCAA Champion, and U23 World Champion using these techniques to defend and score
  • Bo shows his favorite defenses for all the major leg attacks, including the baseline defenses and advanced counter holds
  • Use this series to become a tricky wrestler who can scramble and defend with confidence, using all the modern technique

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 0:33
Single Leg Baseline 0:33 - 4:50
Bottom Arm Scoop 4:50 - 11:10
Bottom Arm Scoop to Reverse Half 11:10 - 15:20
Near Side Cradle 15:20 - 20:12
Drag to Re-Attack 20:12 - 23:54
Limp Leg Twist Out 23:54 - 26:43

Volume 2

Kick Off 0 - 3:20
Kick Off to Peterson 3:20 - 10:00
Belly Whizzer 10:00 - 13:15
The High Flyer 13:15 - 16:21
Troubleshooting The High Flyer 16:21 - 19:44
Crackdown Defense 19:44 - 23:41
Crackdown 2 23:41 - 26:36
Sprawl Stuff the Head 26:36 - 29:10
The Switch 29:10 - 32:54
Elbow Pull 32:54 - 34:25

Counter Their Best Shots With These Modern Wrestling Defenses From Hodge Trophy Winner Bo Nickal

3-Time NCAA Champion and U23 World Champion Bo Nickal Teaches His Secrets To Defending Leg Attacks, From Basic to Advanced

What Will You Learn?

Turn your opponent’s next shots into your best positions with these effective wrestling counters from the former Penn State Nittany Lion team captain and 2019 Hodge Trophy winner Bo Nickal. Bo shows all of the leg attack counters that he uses when opponents shoot in, including the same techniques he used to win some of his biggest matches. This two-volume series will show you how to defend single legs, double legs, low singles and more with some of the most effective and modern techniques in folkstyle and freestyle wrestling.

Build an Unbeatable Baseline With These Defenses

Bo Nickal is one of the most successful NCAA wrestlers ever, winning three national titles as a Penn State Nittany Lion, while learning under legendary coach Cael Sanderson. Now in his first year on the senior level, he’s already won a U23 World Championship and cemented himself as an elite talent at the senior level. Throughout his entire career, these scrambling and defensive systems have been key to his victory, and now you can learn those secrets here.

Learn the same defensive fundamentals and scramble techniques that Bo mastered at Penn State, and uses to score at the elite levels of wrestling. Use his favorite counters from double legs, single legs from all angles, and more (including the far ankle defense that is a signature in his game). With these modern tricky positions, you can make your opponent’s next shot feel like a big mistake when you end up scoring with these proven techniques.

Kick Away With This Counter They Won't See Coming

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • High Single Leg
  • Single Leg Baseline
  • Bottom Arm Scoop
  • Bottom Arm Scoop to Reverse Half
  • Nearside Cradle
  • Drag to Re-Attack
  • Limp Arm Twist Out

Part 2:

  • Low Single
  • Kick Off
  • Kick Off to Peterson
  • Head Outside Single Leg/High Crotch
  • Belly Whizzer
  • The High Flyer
  • Troubleshooting The High Flyer
  • Crackdown Defense
  • Crackdown 2
  • Double Leg
  • Sprawl Stuff The Head
  • The Switch
  • Elbow Pull

So, What Does It Cost?