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Modern Lapel Guards MAde Easy by Kauan Barboza


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Kauan Barboza

Professional Fighter

Kauan Barboza is here to pull back the curtain on the Modern Lapel game.

  • Learn to use Lapel from positions you already know, like closed guard!
  • Cover entries into the Lapel Guard from De La Riva, Spider, and closed guard.
  • Ever hear of the berimbolo? Wait until you see the Lapelobolo!
  • Avoid common mistakes and roadblocks that many people encounter by going in-depth on what NOT to do.
  • Barboza makes Lapel Guard EASY to learn, and keeps you up-to-date on one of the best competitive guards in Jiu-Jitsu!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Practical Information 5:42
All Calories Created Equal 7:34
Protein - Metabolic Advantage 12:08
3 Common Myths About Protein. 1 You Can Only Absorb A Certain Amount 16:28
2nd Myth Protein Make You Bulky 18:44
3rd Myth Protein Is Bad For Your Kidneys 20:38
Carbs And Fats 21:40
Goal Body Weight 27:32

Volume 2

How Much Protein To Eat Formula 0
Meal Frequency - Myths And Facts 2:00
Structure Cal Deficit 6:49
Caloric Cycling 11:42
Caloric Cycling Split 15:18
Weekend Warrior 19:05
The 5:2 21:36
Carb Cycling 24:10

Volume 3

Fat Loss Without Counting Calories 0
Tracking Your Weight 9:21
Platuea 17:00
Body Measurements 19:25
How To Stay Consistent 23:26
Consistency 30:24

Volume 4

Motivated 0
How To Get Protein In The Diet 4:29
Favorite Protein Sources 9:02
9 Foods To Make Up Large Portion Of Diet 17:42
How To Stay Full 23:13
Motivation 28:44

Kauan Barboza is here to pull back the curtain on the Modern Lapel game.

Learn to use Lapel from positions you already know, like closed guard!

What Will You Learn?

If you have been keeping an eye on the competitive scene in Jiu-Jitsu you surely have encountered the Lapel Guard and its effectiveness. HOWEVER you don’t have to be a young, limber competitor to take advantage of what the Lapel Guard has to offer. Using the lapel opens up new avenues of attack that ALL grapplers in a gi will be able to take advantage of.

So what keeps everyone from learning this powerful system?

The largest barrier to entry to learning the Lapel Guard is availability of information. Kauan Barboza breaks down those barriers with Modern Lapel Guard Made Easy. The Lapel Guard is fairly new to the Jiu-Jitsu world, so the defensive options are fairly limited. This is what separates the Lapel Guard apart from other Guards. Once the correct grips are made it is VERY difficult to defend, let alone defeat.

Modern Lapel Guard Made Easy contains 4 parts of in depth breakdown on Lapel Guard. With Kauan you get a complete look at everything from De La Riva entries to the hard to say, but easy to pull off Lapelobolo! Made Easy is included in the title because Braboza takes a complex system and breaks it down in a way that even beginners will be able to perform setups, sweeps, and submissions using the Lapel.

Once you find an entry in to using the Lapel a wide array of options start to open up. Everyone can agree that limiting your opponents opportunities while maximizing your own is a winning strategy. The Lapel Guard is a shining example of this, in Part 2 Barboza shows 7 must see sweeps that will play an integral role in putting your opponent into bad situations, which allow you to go on the attack. Your opponent will be forced to make a choice between getting swept or submitted!

So, What's On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Entering Lapel Guard - De La Riva 
  • Common Errors from De La Riva 
  • Closed Guard 
  • Scoop Grip Variation from Closed Guard 
  • Common mistakes from closed guard
  • From Standing 
  • Common mistakes from Standing
  • Spider Guard
  • Common Mistakes from Spider Guard 

Part 2:

  • Sweeps - Inside Lapel Pendulum Sweep 
  • Inside Lapel Scissor Sweep 
  • Shoulder Roll Sweep 
  • Granby Roll Sweep 
  • Lapeloplata Sweep
  • Worm Guard Sweep 
  • Inverted Ankle Pick

Part 3:

  • Back Takes - De La Riva Backtake
  • Lapelobolo 
  • Lapelobolo from top position
  • Worm Guard

Part 4:

  • Submissions - Triangle 
  • Armlock 
  • Omoplata 
  • Omoplata 2 
  • Juji Gatame 
  • Rolling Juji Gatame & Back Take 
  • Knee Bar 
  • Knee Bar 2 
  • Lapel Choke 
  • Outro & closing thoughts from Professor Leo Vieira 

What Does It Cost?