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Scoring Takedowns From Control Ties by Chris Perry


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Chris Perry

Professional Fighter

Use fundamentals of these Control Ties to break opponents down before you take them down, with insider tips from 2-Time NCAA Champ Chris Perry!

  • Perry teaches you battle-tested techniques from safe positions that work for all types of wrestlers.
  • Use an innovative approach to control your opponent with underhooks, inside wrist control, and head/wrist control.
  • Learn to apply each control tie to land your favorite takedowns like the single leg, double leg, high crotch, and MORE.
  • Master the wrist control battle so your opponent can’t effectively grip you.
  • Control tie mastery gives you the ability to bully your opponent or finesse them into a takedown.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Inside Wrist Control - Introduction 0:36
Inside Wrist Control - Single Leg 3:04
Inside Wrist Control - Hi-C 8:05
Inside Wrist Control - Double Leg 16:03
Inside Wrist Control - Fake Snap Down 24:31
Inside Wrist Control - Low Single 33:38

Volume 2

Head Wrist Control - Introduction 0
Head Wrist Control - Single Leg 4:37
Head Wrist Control - Double Leg 9:40
Head Wrist Control - Hi-C 14:18
Head Wrist Control - Ankle Pick 18:57
Head Wrist Control - Snap Down 25:42

Volume 3

Under hook - Introduction 0
Under hook - Single Legs 4:39
Under hook - Hi-C 9:20
Under hook - Double Leg 13:56
Under hook - Throw - By 18:47
Under hook - Snap Downs 25:06
Under hook - Duck Under 32:37
Under hook - Bear Hug 41:21
Outro 48:04

Use fundamentals of these Control Ties to break opponents down before you take them down, with insider tips from 2-Time NCAA Champ Chris Perry!




This 3-part series gives you a go-to takedown blueprint from the neutral position. In his time coaching, Chris has had experience with all different types of wrestlers. This unique experience has allowed him to teach in a way that makes high-level techniques obtainable for wrestlers of all levels. Wrestlers of any level can utilize the game plan that Scoring Takedowns From Control Ties lays out.

Score With Chris's Series From His Favorite Tie Ups




Chris Perry was known for his tactical and technical approach to wrestling where he was a 4x state champion in high school and went on to earn 2 NCAA D-1 championships. Currently, he is an assistant coach at his alma mater Oklahoma State University, under the legendary John Smith. Here he has helped develop multiple top-tier talents that have reached the top of the sport. Chris mixes his first-hand competitive knowledge with his coaching experience to bring you Scoring Takedowns From Control Ties.

Blast Through Opponents For Strong Takedowns




Control Ties can be a great equalizer if you are outgunned by the opposition. Sometimes it can feel like your opponent is moving so fast that you cannot keep up. A simple solution to slow them down is to utilize control ties. Attaching to your opponent with an inside wrist control or an underhook will allow you to limit their movement. Reducing unknown variables and limiting offensive opportunities is a winning strategy at ALL levels. Perry gives you a complete approach to each control tie.

Attack and Shoot From Every Position




Check out all of the options of attack from each series below!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Inside Wrist Control
  • Introduction
  • Single Leg
  • Hi-C
  • Double Leg
  • Fake Snap Down
  • Low Single

Part 2

  • Head Wrist Control
  • Introduction
  • Single Leg
  • Double Leg
  • Hi-C
  • Ankle Pick
  • Snap Down

Part 3

  • Underhook
  • Introduction
  • Single Legs
  • Hi-C
  • Double Leg
  • Throw-By
  • Snap Downs
  • Duck Under
  • Bear Hug
  • Outro

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