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Mobile and Effective Throwing Techniques by Nicolas Brisson


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Nicolas Brisson

Professional Fighter

Don’t let your opponent achieve effective grips by staying on the move and striking quickly with Brisson’s unique grip fighting strategies.

  • Develop coordination between your upper and lower body and become even more efficient at scoring.
  • Sharpen your skills with cardio blasting drills that translate to on-the-mat endurance!
  • Stay on the move and enter into effective grip exchanges that keep you ahead of your opponent.
  • Brisson shares his best Ne Waza techniques he used to achieve success on the international competition circuit.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Mobility And Coordination Exercises 2:17

Volume 2

Opposite Side & Same Grip Different Technique 0
Same Side & Same Grip Different Technique 26:41

Volume 3

Counter Technique 0
Ground Technique (Newaza) 8:56
Outro 23:01

Develop Your Offensive Arsenal With Competition Approved Methods Of Grip Fighting, Kuzushi, And Te-waza. French Judo Standout Nicolas Brisson Shares His Best Techniques For A Well-rounded Game!

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What Will You Learn?

Mobile & Effective Throwing Techniques is a 3-part instructional that helps you develop a game plan based around movement. Waiting around flat-footed for your opponent to attack is a surefire way to get tossed! Nicolas Brisson lays out a strategy to keep you on the move with the ability to transition to your favorite Te-Waza techniques in a flash.

Many people hear “movement” and then imagine themselves not being athletic or fast enough to apply a movement-based game. Nicolas Brisson looks to clear this misinformation by showing you efficient footwork that allows you to outflank the opposition. Positional superiority plays a major role in many aspects of Judo, including grip fighting and throw execution.

By utilizing these technical strategies you will be able to take athleticism out of the equation. One key aspect that will give you the upper hand is the ability to use Brisson’s drills that help you develop these necessary skills. Brisson teaches you how to develop coordination between your upper and lower body, making you efficient at entering into effective throwing techniques.

To wrap things up, Mobile & Effective Throwing Techniques concludes with Nicolas Brisson’s most effective Ne Waza Techniques that helped him achieve success on the international competitive circuit as a representative of the French National Judo Team! Your new mobile platform of attack may cause opponents to be overly defensive out of fear of being thrown, stay on the attack with battle-tested Ne Waza!

Ground Technique (Newaza)

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Mobility And Coordination Exercises 

Part 2:

  • Opposite Side & Same Grip Different Technique
  • Same Side & Same Grip Different Technique 

Part 3:

  • Counter Technique 
  • Ground Technique (Newaza)
  • Outro 

Counter Technique

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