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Self Mastery: Solo BJJ Training Drills by John Danaher

Pick up Professor John Danaher’s solo drills for BJJ success for FREE! BJJ Fanatics & Professor John Danaher are teaming up to give everyone a way to train.

  • This new 4-volume series is a gift for everyone who can only train at home because of the pandemic.
  • Hear the same advice John Danaher gives his world class fighters (like Gordon Ryan & Garry Tonon) on how to keep improving when you can’t get on the mat.
  • Learn the right ways to do these basic BJJ movements and how to craft the perfect home BJJ workout.
  • This series is 4-volumes of FREE instruction from the most in-demand grappling coach on Earth.
  • Know more. Win more.

Course Content

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Volume 1

The Need For Solo Training In Jiu Jitsu 0 - 2:32
Three Axioms Of Jiu Jitsu Training 2:32 - 10:49
The Fastest Learners In Jiu JItsu 2:32 - 10:49
The Most Important Body Skills In Jiu Jitsu - Bottom Position - Bridging 13:26 - 21:05
Shrimping 21:05 - 30:01
Reverse Shrimping 30:01 - 36:47
Scooting 36:47 - 44:44

Volume 2

Supine Heisting 0 - 4:50
Hip Heisting 4:50 - 9:20
Leg Pummeling 9:20 - 14:33
Leg Scissor 14:33 - 17:36
High Leg Spin 17:36 - 22:00
A Sit-out 22:00 - 27:55
Rolling 27:55 - 37:51
Inside Leg Standup 37:51 - 42:42
Sit-back 42:42 - 47:43

Volume 3

Top Position - Guard Standing Up 0 - 4:07
Footwork Drills 4:07 - 7:32
Stance And Motion 7:32 - 10:02
Sprawl And Circle 10:02 - 16:06
Weight Bearing Posture 16:06 - 19:02

Volume 4

Special Topic: Training Your Spine 0 - 11:37
Building Core Strength For Jiu Jitsu 11:37 - 17:04
Designing Your Workout 17:04 - 25:55
Getting Better Outside The Dojo: Three Directions For Your Training 25:55 - 35:30
Pull Up Bar Routine 35:30 - 43:53

Build The Perfect BJJ Home Workout With This FREE 4-Volume Series From Professor John Danaher
John Danaher & BJJ Fanatics Are Partnering To Give You An Instructional To Use While We Are All Stuck Training At Home

Check Out The Trailer To This Series!

Right now, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community is facing a situation we’ve never had before. After the breakout of the COVID-19 coronavirus, gyms worldwide are having to temporarily shut their doors to help combat the outbreak, leaving millions of students with nowhere to train. BJJ Fanatics is doing our best to help support and give back, so we put out an offer for a free series from our founder Bernardo Faria (use code FariaFree at checkout), and the response was amazing.

Then, when more and more schools had to begin closing and grappling students everywhere began to worry, Professor John Danaher decided to step up and offer something of his own to give back to the BJJ Fanatics community that he sees in need. That night Professor Danaher, maybe the most sought after Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach in the world, took the next train to Boston and filmed an emergency series with us all about solo drills and exercises that people can use to continue their jiu-jitsu journey from home.

And we’re going to give it away for FREE.

That’s right, please enjoy this FREE 4-volume instructional series from Professor John Danaher, coach of Danaher Death Squad athletes like Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon, and Nicky Ryan, as he shows you the most important and impactful exercises that you can use from anywhere to train while you can’t hit the mats. We are giving this away for $0.00 in partnership with Professor John Danaher, so that we can continue to support the students like you who make jiu-jitsu and BJJ Fanatics what it is.

Learn all of the same body movement exercises that you can use to get a SAFE workout from the comforts of home while we all are off the mats. Professor Danaher gives to you the same advice he gives to his own students when they are off the mat (for injury, illness, or other reasons), and explains the exact things you can do to keep your training going. Remember how Danaher’s premier student Gordon Ryan won double gold at ADCC last year just months removed from a catastrophic knee injury? That was in huge part because of the concepts and axioms that John describes here.

Train at home with the most important body skill exercises that you can practice, as you start to focus on details that you didn’t even know existed before now. See how to get the most out of every bridge, shrimp, and heist as John shows you how to practice them alone for precision and improvement. Build new skills by practicing your footwork and stance drills, and build up the most important lever in your body with these crucial spine training exercises that John recommends.

Professor John Danaher and BJJ Fanatics are excited to bring you this new series, so that you can continue to keep an edge in the martial art we share. Pick up this four-volume series now, nothing else needed, and learn from one of the most in-demand coaches in all of martial arts.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • The Need For Solo Training In Jiu Jitsu 
  • Three Axioms Of Jiu Jitsu Training 
  • The Fastest Learners In Jiu JItsu 
  • The Most Important Body Skills In Jiu Jitsu
  • Bottom Position
  • Bridging
  • Shrimping 
  • Reverse Shrimping
  • Scooting 

Part 2:

  • Supine Heisting 
  • Hip Heisting
  • Leg Pummeling 
  • Leg Scissor 
  • High Leg Spin 
  • A Sit-out 
  • Rolling 
  • Inside Leg Standup 
  • Sit-back 

Part 3:

  • Top Position
  • Guard Standing Up 
  • Footwork Drills 
  • Stance And Motion 
  • Sprawl And Circle
  • Weight Bearing Posture 

Part 4:

  • Special Topic: Training Your Spine 
  • Building Core Strength For Jiu Jitsu 
  • Designing Your Workout
  • Getting Better Outside The Dojo: Three Directions For Your Training 
  • Pull Up Bar Routine

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