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Aggressive Underhook Takedowns by Jacob Kasper


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Jacob Kasper

Professional Fighter
Use Dominant Underhook Takedowns With 2-Time NCAA All-American Jacob Kasper As He Lays Out His Battle-Tested Approach To Dominating With Underhooks
  • Develop a crisp action/reaction game with wrestling standout Jacob Kasper!
  • Master the concepts of hand fighting, learn new set-ups, and more to help you secure and defend takedowns with greater ease and efficiency
  • These are the techniques that have been proven effective at the highest levels of wrestling and they can work for anyone at any level!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Chapter 1 - Intro0:00 - 0:51
Chapter 2 - Over under key points0:51 - 5:49
Chapter 3 - Creating motion5:49 - 8:58
Chapter 4 - Motion to foot sweep8:58 - 17:39
Chapter 5 - Over under snap down17:39

Volume 2

Chapter 1 - Underhook knee tap 0:00 - 8:58
Chapter 2 - Snap to front headlock 8:58 - 18:45
Chapter 3 - Pinch headlock series 18:45

Volume 3

Chapter 1 - Troubleshooting the key points 0:00 - 14:14
Chapter 2 - Over under 14:14 - 23:10
Chapter 3 - Outro 23:10

Use Dominant Underhook Takedowns With 2-Time NCAA All-American Jacob Kasper As He Lays Out His Battle-Tested Approach To Dominating With Underhooks




What Will You Learn?

Aggressive Underhook Takedowns is a 3-part series from Duke University Standout and 2x All-American Jacob Kasper. Throughout the series Jacob focuses on the absolute essential skills to developing a hard-to-stop Underhook Takedown System. Each technique has been battle tested by Jacob himself in his time as a D-I wrestler.

Learn Subtle Key Details To Winning With Underhooks



The Underhook is an essential skill that ANY wrestler can make use of. On top of it’s powerful control, the Underhook lends itself perfectly to an ample amount of takedown options! Jacob covers unique setups that force your opponent to react. His push/pull concepts from the Underhook create an environment that your opponent simply cannot stall and if they do, you will have the Underhook Snatch technique waiting for them!

Get To Efficient and Effective Takedowns Reliably


Jacob teaches a comprehensive system to the Underhook, instead of unconnected techniques. This involves repeatable methods of gaining the Underhook, mechanisms of control, set ups and finishes for some of the most high-percentage techniques in the sport of Wrestling. Over the three parts you’ll start to develop a non-stop approach to attacking off of the Underhook.

Snatch Up Legs and Get Big Takedowns Easier Than Ever




Each technique Jacob teaches has his personal stamp of approval. In his time at Duke University, Kasper made extensive use of the Underhook as one of his primary weapons as a Heavyweight. This doesn’t mean smaller wrestlers can’t make use of his insider tips to dominate with the Underhook. Wrestlers of all sizes and experience level will unlock an all new level of offense with Aggressive Underhook Takedowns! Check out the complete technique list below!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Key Points For The Underhook
  • Getting to the Tie
  • Underhook Snatch When Opponent Doesn't React
  • Throwby From The Underhook

Part 2:

  • Underhook Knee Tap
  • Snap to Front Headlock
  • Pinch Headlock Series

Part 3

  • Troubleshooting The Key Points
  • Over Under
  • Outro

So, What Does It Cost?