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Arm-Lock Series (Juji-Gatame) by Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Travis Stevens

Professional Fighter
Armlock Series (Juji-Gatame) by Jimmy Pedro & Travis StevensJudo players have a leg up on BJJ practitioners when it comes to armbars. You need only look at how a certain Judo female had an inescapable armlock that her MMA Opponents couldn’t solve. Well Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens – have perfected this move. They get it from everywhere, back, mount, guard, side control. If you want to take your game to a new level by perfecting this submission then this series is a must.

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - :33
Straight Armlock From Back :33 - 3:23
Straight Armlock From Guard 3:23 - 7:28
Juji Gatame From Mount 7:28 - 10:01
Transition to S Mount 10:01 - 14:23
Grip Break Finish - Wrist Pop 14:23 - 19:28
How To Beat The Judo Armbar 19:28 - 23:27
Armlock Defense #1 23:27 - 27:36
Last Ditch Escape 27:36 - 31:56
Advanced Armlock Escape 31:56 - 34:49
Armlock Drill 1 34:49 - 36:51
Arm,lock Drill 2 36:51 - 38:58
Judo Counter To The Belly Down Defense 38:58 - 41:00
Crazy Foot Finish To the Armlock 41:00 - 43:07
Rodeo Finish For Mr Iron Grips" 43:07 - 45:30