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Bread and Butter Bottom Wrestling: Escapes & Reversals by Matt McDonough


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Matt McDonough

Professional Fighter

Learn 2-Time NCAA Champion Matt McDonough’s Bottom Wrestling System To Secure More Escapes And Reversals Against Tough Opponents!

  • Understand key positional components that will help you gain an overall understanding of your goals while in the bottom position.
  • Develop consistent moves, directly off the whistle to immediately attempt escapes and reversals.
  • Troubleshoot common riding positions including ankle, crab, and waist rides as well as clearing wrist control.
  • Learn to weather the storm from even the toughest opponents with Matt McDonough’s Bread and Butter Bottom Wrestling System!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Overview of Key Positional Components 1:59
Whistle Starting Position 11:22

Volume 2

Initial Moves off the whistle. Explosive Knee Slide 0
Finishing Knee Slide to Stand Up 8:14
Finishing Knee Slide to a Change Over 20:00

Volume 3

Sit In off the Whistle 0
Unconventional Sit in High Step 7:21
Crawling Forward to Ankle Hooks 16:43
Weathering the Storm 25:49

Volume 4

Troubleshooting Common Ride. Tight Waist Defense 0
Ankle Ride Defense 6:59
Clearing Wrist Control 16:18
Crab Ride Defense 26:50
Outro 35:22

Learn 2-Time NCAA Champion Matt McDonough’s Bottom Wrestling System To Secure More Escapes And Reversals Against Tough Opponents!


What Will You Learn?

Getting stuck on the bottom against tough opponents is a losing proposition. Matt McDonough is back with a new instructional focusing on not only surviving the bottom position but thriving! McDonough covers key positional components, moves off the whistle, defending a variety of top rides, and reversals throughout this detail-packed instructional. If you are looking for a consistent strategy for getting back to your feet, escaping tight controls, and reversing your opponent this series is for you!

Beat Your Opponent To The Punch With These Escapes


Matt McDonough breaks down the same techniques he used against the toughest wrestlers in the sport in a way that makes each technique a welcome addition to your game. Once you cover the basics of bottom wrestling, Matt shares a series of moves to deploy directly off the whistle. Waiting around for your opponent to get to work while on top is a quick way to get broken down, turned, and even pinned. With Matt’s clear cut concepts you’ll be able to work back to your feet or even secure reversals.

Escape From Common Wrestling Holds With Technique


The series looks to help you create tempo from the bottom, which will help increase how effective your escapes are. However, savvy opponents will also be working directly off the whistle. Matt teaches how to troubleshoot some of the most common top rides that are used at high levels. Breakdown defensive tactics against crab rides, ankle rides, tight waists, and more! Upgrade your bottom wrestling with Bread and Butter Bottom Wrestling from Matt McDonough!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

    • Intro
    • Overview Of Key Positional Components
    • Whistle Starting Position

    Part 2:

    • Initial Moves Off The Whistle
    • Explosive Knee Slide
    • Finishing Knee Slide To Stand Up
    • Finishing Knee Slide To A Change Over

        Part 3

        • Sit In Off The Whistle
        • Unconventional Sit In High Step
        • Crawling Forward To Ankle Hooks
        • Weathering The Storm

        Part 4

        • Troubleshooting Common Ride
        • Tight Waist Defense
        • Ankle Ride Defense
        • Clearing Wrist Control
        • Crab Ride Defense
        • Outro

        So, What Does It Cost?