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Collar & Sleeve Guard a Systematic Approach by Isaac Doederlein


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Isaac Doederlein

Professional Fighter

Master the collar and sleeve game with BJJ black belt, European, and Brazilian National Champion, Isaac Doederlein

  • Doederlein will help you to use the collar and sleeve in a more efficient manner and show you how to get the most out of this classic gripping configuration
  • Learn countless attacks, sweeps, and transitions using only ONE set of grips from your guard
  • From white to black belt, beginners and seasoned vets will get priceless information from Doederlein’s high level approach to the collar and sleeve guard

Course Content

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Volume 1

0:29 Collar And Sleeve Overview
7:00 Collar and Sleeve Retention
9:14 Fundamental Omoplata Attack
17:43 Regaining The Elbow Line

Volume 2

6:14 Omoplata Finishes 3
12:50 Cross Grip Counter To Triangle

Volume 3

5:41 Scissor Sweep
9:07 Shin Wedge Scissor Sweep
12:14 Scissor Sweep Attempt to Triangle

Volume 4

2:12 Collar Sleeve DLR Retention
4:07 Stretch Omoplata
8:54 Omoplata Attempt to Scissor Sweep
13:16 Omoplata Attempt to Collar Drag
18:14 Sit Up Guard to Single Leg
23:15 Sit up Guard to Tripod Sweep
29:29 Sit Up Guard to overhead Sweep
32:20 Putting It All Together

Attack From Your Back With This Modern Collar and Sleeve Guard System From Isaac Doederlein

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What Will You Learn?

In Collar and Sleeve Guard you’ll get a systematic approach to one of the most common guards in all of jiu-jitsu, from BJJ black belt, European, and Brazilian National Champion, Isaac Doederlein. Using the same techniques and concepts that Doederlein has implemented at the highest levels of competition, attacking, sweeping, and transitioning with the use of the collar and sleeve will become easier than you ever thought possible!

The collar and sleeve may be the most classic gripping configuration in all of BJJ. This highly efficient combo has served BJJ practitioners from beginner to the most seasoned competitors for years! Get a fresh perspective on this tried and true concept and add some new techniques to your guard toolbox!

In part 1 you'll spend the bulk of your time on entries, retention, concepts and a general overview of everything the collar sleeve guard has to offer. As you make your way into part 2, you'll begin learning how to set-up and finish the omoplata in a variety of ways and even a beautiful triangle to answer the counter to the omoplata! Parts 3 and 4 are dedicated to loads more attacks, like the flash armbar, and tons of reversals like the tripod sweep and the scissor sweep, just to name a couple! Doederlein will close out the instructional with putting everything together to give you a full overview of the series and how everything works cohesively!

This specialized series will serve you at any level of your training and the techniques are paired with easy to follow instruction from Doederlein. Don't miss out on a complete guide to one of BJJ’s most efficient, and relied upon guards. This systematic approach will help you to decode and unlock the secrets of a stronger and more dangerous guard game!

Scissor Sweep

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Collar And Sleeve Concepts and Attacks 
  • Collar Sleeve Entry From Seated Guard 
  • Collar And Sleeve Overview 
  • Collar and Sleeve Retention 
  • Fundamental Omoplata Attack 
  • Regaining The Elbow Line 

Part 2:

  • Omoplata Finishes 1 
  • Omoplata Finishes 2 
  • Omoplata Finishes 3 
  • Cross Grip Counter To Triangle 

Part 3:

  • Collar and Sleeve Vs Combat Base 
  • Flash Armbar 
  • Scissor Sweep 
  • Shin Wedge Scissor Sweep 
  • Scissor Sweep Attempt to Triangle 

Part 4:

  • Collar And Sleeve De La Riva 
  • Collar Sleeve DLR Entry 
  • Collar Sleeve DLR Overview 
  • Collar Sleeve DLR Retention 
  • Stretch Omoplata
  • Omoplata Attempt to Scissor Sweep 
  • Omoplata Attempt to Collar Drag 
  • Sit Up Guard to Single Leg 
  • Sit up Guard to Tripod Sweep 
  • Sit Up Guard to overhead Sweep 
  • Putting It All Together 

Collar Sleeve DLR Overview

So, What Does It All Cost?