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Competition Closed Guard by Jake Mackenzie


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Jake Mackenzie

Professional Fighter

The Closed Guard: Perfected At The Toughest School In Rio: From A Masters World Champion

  • Jake MacKenzie - The Gringo Who Became The Chief Instructor At GF Team: Pulls Back The Curtain On The Most Lethal Closed Techniques In Brazil
  • Turn any closed guard into a competition-ready specialty with this new 3-volume instructional series from one of the best black belts in Rio De Janeiro, Jake Mackenzie
  • Jake shows you all the strongest attacks and positions that he uses to win from the closed guard, one of the strongest positions in all of BJJ
  • With innovative grips and combinations that you’ve never seen before, learn all of these effective moves that will leave your opponents trapped, swept, and tapping out
  • Jake is one of the most creative instructors on the planet, and every volume on this series is packed with concepts and attacks that will supercharge your guard

Course Content

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Volume 1

closed guard arm drag 0 - 7:28
wrist lock & arm drag combo from closed guard arm drag 7:28 - 13:43
combining arm drag with wrist lock 13:43 - 17:39
over hook concepts & attacks 17:39 - 25:36
cross choke over and under grip variations 25:36 - 33:30

Volume 2

bravo choke from closed guard 0 - 4:50
armbar grip variations 4:50 - 9:28
lapel sweep off armbar set up 9:28 - 13:23
cork screw 13:23 - 20:19
windmill sweep concepts from closed guard 20:19 - 25:45

Volume 3

elbow lock 0 - 6:11
belt grip 6:11 - 14:52
closed guArd wrist lock 14:52 - 18:55
reverse grip shuck by to head and arm choke 18:55 - 25:43
pretzel-tine from closed guard 25:43 - 31:09

The Closed Guard: Perfected At The Toughest School In Rio: From A Masters World Champion