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Connected Reaction Armlocks and Spiral Armlocks by Paul Schreiner


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Paul Schreiner

Professional Fighter

Paul Schreiner has been teaching at the Marcelo Garcia Academy in NY for more than a decade and is one of the most sought after Black Belt instructors on the planet

  • Learn strong, high percentage armlock strategies from top positions that you'll use over and over again to submit your training partners and opponents
  • Become more aware and dangerous from the most common dominant positions
  • Take a scientific approach to armlocks that will help you recognize and capitalize on more submission opportunities

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Pressure Armlock 0:40
2 on 1 Pressure Armlock 9:54
RNC grip break 15:14
Dave Camarillo Fulcrum Break 24:20
Spiral Armlock 33:24
Forced Spiral Armlock 43:05
Mounted Monoplata 47:33

Volume 2

S Mount - Overview 0
Armlock 11:02
Kimura Grip Armlock 16:12
Knee Push Armlocks 20:54

Volume 3

Side Control - MGNYC 0
Far Side Armlock Fast 14:31
Half Guard Armlock 21:08
Head side 26:26
Monoplata Far Side Arm 35:57
Far Side Spiral Arm Lock 42:35
Near Side Monoplata 48:49
Near Side Armlock 57:28

Volume 4

Knee on Belly - Far Side 0
Near Side 4:28
Countering Hitchhiker Escapes 8:13

Master the Highest Percentage and Strongest Arm Attack Submissions in The Game with Technical BJJ Wizard and Marcelo Garcia Academy instructor Paul Schreiner

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What Will You Learn?

With better than a decade as a black belt, Paul Schreiner is well-known for his technical contributions to BJJ and his aiding in the development of some of the most successful BJJ athletes in the world. With Connected Reaction: Armlocks and Spiral Armlocks, Schreiner will give you the tools you need to master the armlock from a variety of top position scenarios using high percentage details and strong attacking strategies. Schreiner will help you to become more aware of arm locking opportunities so you can capitalize and finish more armlocks with a higher rate of success!

The armlock is one of the most classic submissions in BJJ but it can also be one of the most elusive if you don't have the right tools for the job! In this 4-part series, Schreiner will introduce you to high percentage armlock techniques that range from classic variations to more unique methods, to give your top game a boost and help you start snagging limbs from almost any top position! You'll learn farside and nearside variations from knee on belly, spiral armlocks, s-mount, and side control attacks, and even counter the infamous hitchhiker escape! All this and more packed into one specialized series of upper body limb destruction!

Get ready to reach a new level in your awareness of arm attack submissions as Schreiner guides you through this specific set of top game techniques, to help you create new opportunities to finish! You will enjoy Schreiner's relaxed, yet ultra-technical approach as he helps you master the science of the armlock and become a more dangerous grappler!

Forced Spiral Armlock

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Pressure Armlock 
  • 2 on 1 Pressure Armlock 
  • RNC grip break 
  • Dave Camarillo Fulcrum Break 
  • Spiral Armlock
  • Forced Spiral Armlock 
  • Mounted Monoplata

Part 2:

  • S Mount
  • Overview
  • Armlock 
  • Kimura Grip Armlock 
  • Knee Push Armlocks 

Part 3:

  • Side Control
  • Far Side Armlock Fast 
  • Half Guard Armlock 
  • Head side 
  • Monoplata Far Side Arm 
  • Far Side Spiral Arm Lock 
  • Near Side Monoplata 
  • Near Side Armlock

Part 4:

  • Knee on Belly 
  • Far Side 
  • Near Side 
  • Countering Hitchhiker Escapes 

So, What Does It All Cost?