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Creating Explosive Takedowns by Stephen Neal


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Stephen Neal

Professional Fighter

Learn Highly Successful Wrestling Takedowns From Freestyle World Champion & 2x NCAA Champ: Stephen Neal

  • Wrestle and score with these high-impact takedowns from World Freestyle Wrestling Champion Stephen Neal
  • Attack for takedowns with these double legs, single legs, and high concept setups for successful shots
  • Stephen Neal is one of the most successful and active heavyweights in American history, with two NCAA Championships, a UWW World Championship, and a successful NFL career after wrestling
  • Troubleshoot and wrestle through with these combination attacks from Stephen’s offensive arsenal

Course Content

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Volume 1

The Sprint Double Leg 0
Basic Set Ups For Double Leg 11:09
High Crotch 21:12
Swing Single Leg Takedown 25:44

Volume 2

Set Ups For The Swing Single / High Crotch/ Duck Under 0
Trouble Shooting For The Double Legs 6:54
Fakes And Movement To Set Up Double Leg 11:23
Trouble Shooting For The High Crotch (Set Ups) 13:23
Trouble Shooting For The Swing Single Leg 18:25
Philosophy Of Success And Accomplishment 20:19

Learn Highly Successful Wrestling Takedowns From Freestyle World Champion & 2x NCAA Champ: Stephen Neal

Stephen Neal Teaches The Leg Attack Fundamentals That Helped Him Win At The Highest Levels Of Wrestling




What Will You Learn?

Learn how to attack the legs and blast through for dominating takedowns, with these techniques from Freestyle World Champion and 2-Time NCAA Champion Stephen Neal. Stephen unlocks some of his keys to high-level athletic success with his guide to high impact leg attacks.

Use proper technique and positioning to increase your power, increase your explosiveness, and increase your takedowns, with these lessons from Stephen Neal on his best moves. Now is your chance to learn the same shots that Stephen used to win a World Championship in freestyle wrestling and 2 NCAA Championships.

Use These Takedown Secrets To Win Big Exchanges



Attack the legs the right way, as you learn how to set up, shoot, and finish some of the most effective moves in wrestling. Learn how Stephen creates the most powerful techniques possible with these single legs, double legs, high crotches, and more, each one broken down into step-by-step detail.

Stephen is one of America’s most accomplished athletes, with world-class achievements in football and wrestling, and now you can see how Stephen built his takedowns around fundamental action and precision. With clear instruction, this 2-volume series is packed with plenty of instruction that wrestlers of all-levels can benefit from.

Troubleshoot Position With Championship Caliber Advice




So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • The Sprint Double Leg
  • Basic Set Ups For Double Leg
  • High Crothc
  • Swing Single Leg Takedown

Part 2:

  • Set Ups For The Swing Single/High Crotch/Duck Under
  • Trouble Shooting For The Double Legs
  • Fakes and Movement to Set Up Double Leg
  • Trouble Shooting For The High Crotch (Set Ups)
  • Trouble Shooting For The Swing Single Leg
  • Philosophy of Success and Accomplishment

So, What Does It Cost?