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Deadly Wristlocks by Marcio Stambowsky


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Marcio Stambowsky

Professional Fighter

Discover the best kept secrets of this underrated submission game

  • Attacking smaller joints adds new and dangerous layers to your BJJ toolbox
  • Develop an awareness of the wrist lock and its power so you don’t succumb to its treachery
  • Keep your training partners on their toes with sneaky attacks from EVERYWHERE

Course Content

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Volume 1

0 - 2:16 Wrist Locks for Self Defense & Sport
2:16 - 4:00 Stand Up - Flat Pectoral Wrist Lock
4:00 - 5:10 No-Gi/Street Self Defense
5:10 - 10:46 Gi / Sport
10:46 - 14:25 Straight Pectoral Wrist Lock - No-Gi/Street Self Defense
14:25 - 17:52 Gi/Sport
17:52 - 21:58 Twisting Pectoral Wrist Lock - Street Self Defense
21:58 - 25:03 Rolls Gracie Variation
25:03 - 29:18 Waitewrs Wrist Lock - No-Gi / Street Self Defense
29:18 - 33:13 Gi / Sport
33:13 - 36:13 Bicep Tie Wrist Lock - no gi / self defense)
36:13 - 39:50 gi/sport
39:50 - 42:25 The Subway Creeper Wrist Lock - Self Defense
42:25 - 44:42 The Stranglers Wrist Lock - self defense

Volume 2

0 - 2:36 Gi/Sport
2:36 - 5:48 Hip Trap Wrist Lock - Street/Self Defense
5:48 - 11:29 Gi/Sport
11:29 - 16:33 Bicep to Hip Trap Combo - Street/Self Defense
16:33 - 19:59 Gi/Sport

Volume 3

0 - 3:20 Gi/Sport
3:20 - 6:27 Double Belt Grip Variation
6:27 - 9:25 Waiters Wrist Lock -No-Gi/Sport
9:25 - 12:16 Gi/Sport
12:16 - 14:54 Palm to Palm Wrist Lock - no-Gi/sport
14:54 - 18:13 Gi/Sport

Volume 4

0 - 2:57 Gi/Sport
2:57 - 6:03 Side COntrol - Bicep Tie Wrist Lock - no-Gi/Sport
6:03 - 11:59 Gi/Sport
11:59 - 16:47 Outro

Discover the best kept secrets of this underrated submission game

Attacking smaller joints adds new and dangerous layers to your BJJ toolbox

Check Out The Trailer For Marcio's Series!

What Will You Learn?

So your training partners don’t tap to wrist locks? They do now! In the modern age of jiu-jitsu where no part of the body is safe, THE WRIST LOCK IS EMERGING AS A NEW AND VIABLE THREAT to practitioners around the globe. Like the leg lock, that used to be touted as taboo the wrist lock is enjoying new time in the spotlight, and for those who are unaware, YOU MAY BE ON BORROWED TIME BEFORE THE WRIST LOCK ENDS UP ON YOUR DOORSTEP! It’s time to start elevating your comprehension of this sly art of small joint destruction!

Marcio “Macarrao” Stambowsky has amassed more experience and knowledge than you could ever imagine in his DECADES OF BJJ STUDY AND TRAINING. He’ll be your guide on this interesting journey into the world of the wrist lock. He’ll expose you to multiple methods of wrist locking, INCREASING YOUR AWARENESS OF THIS SNEAKY UNDERRATED ART FORM. You’ll be scratching your head and saying, “Why have I never tried that?”, throughout this illuminating series.

So, What's On This Series?

During 4 exciting and enlightening volumes of content, Stambowsky will guide you through the many different faces of the wrist lock. Self defense applications will be spotlighted as well as multiple methods of gi and no gi attacks for sport scenarios. Stambowsky will help you UNLOCK THE TRUE POWER OF THE WRIST LOCK, demonstrating applicable techniques from all of the major BJJ positions. These are attacks that can be performed by literally anyone. THE ART OF DECEPTION IS IN FULL EFFECT HERE, as Stambowsky shows us how to turn the efforts of an aggressor against themselves in pursuit of the infamous wrist lock.

“Macarrao” has spent his entire career sharing the mat with legends and is a student of the great Rolls Gracie. The depth of his knowledge is immeasurable and the roots run deep. When a man of this caliber imparts his wisdom upon the masses it’s a rare and special opportunity. Let Stambowsky lead you on your journey into this largely undiscovered area of jiu-jitsu and begin reaping the benefits of the wrist lock in your own training!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Wrist Locks for Self Defense & Sport 
  • Stand Up - Flat Pectoral Wrist Lock 
  • No-Gi/Street Self Defense 
  • Gi / Sport
  • Straight Pectoral Wrist Lock
  • No-Gi/Street Self Defense 
  • Gi/Sport 
  • Twisting Pectoral Wrist Lock
  • Street Self Defense
  • Rolls Gracie Variation 
  • Waiters Wrist Lock
  • No-Gi / Street Self Defense 
  • Gi / Bicep Tie Wrist Lock
  • No gi / Self defense) 
  • Gi/sport 
  • The Subway Creeper Wrist Lock
  • Self Defense 
  • The Stranglers Wrist Lock
  • Self defense 

Part 2:

  • Mount Position
  • Bicep Tie Wrist Lock 
  • Street/Self Defense 
  • Gi/Sport 
  • Hip Trap Wrist Lock 
  • Street/Self Defense 
  • Gi/Sport
  • Bicep to Hip Trap Combo 
  • Street/Self Defense 
  • Gi/Sport

Bicep Tie Wrist Lock

Part 3:

  • Closed Guard 
  • Macarrao Wrist Lock
  • No-Gi/Sport
  • Gi/Sport 
  • Double Belt Grip Variation 
  • Waiters Wrist Lock
  • No-Gi/Sport 
  • Gi/Sport 
  • Palm to Palm Wrist Lock
  • No-Gi/sport 
  • Gi/Sport

Part 4:

  • Rear Mount
  • Hand In Pocket
  • No-Gi/Sport
  • Gi/Sport 
  • Bicep Tie Wrist Lock
  • No-Gi/Sport 
  • Gi/Sport 
  • Outro 

Waiters Wrist Lock

So, What Does It Cost?

If you've been in the dark when it comes to the wrist lock, it's time to shed some much needed light on the subject. Ignoring this aspect of your training may be making you more vulnerable and less dangerous! It's time to get on board with the wrist lock!

We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that. We’ve cut that price by nearly 50% and brought you Deadly Wrist Locks with Marcio Stambowsky for just: