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Defense Wins Championships by Kyle Dake


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Kyle Dake

Professional Fighter

Learn to shut down anyone's game and use their mistakes to generate offense, from the greatest counter wrestler on Earth

  • Watch 2018 World Champion & 4-Time NCAA Champion Kyle Dake show the most complete and thorough defensive wrestling system
  • Get the hidden details behind one of the toughest wrestlers to take down
  • See the counters and defenses that Kyle used to win 4 NCAA Championships
  • See the simple takedown defense principles you never knew existed

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - :35
Stance - First Contact :35 - 10:32
Single Leg Sliding Off 10:32 - 31:32

Volume 2

Single Leg Defense - Jamming With Hips 0 - 15:15
High Crotch Defense 15:15 - 32:36

Volume 3

Low Single Defense 0 - 17:29
Front Healdock Defense 17:29 - 35:00

Volume 4

Underhooks Defense 0 - 18:58
Counter Offense to Two On One 18:58 - 30:43
DOuble Leg Defense 30:43 - 41:38

Offense Scores Points: Defense Wins Championships

Learn To Shut Down Any Opponent’s Game & Use Their Mistakes To Generate Offense: From The Greatest Counter Wrestler On The Planet

Learn from one of the best defensive technicians ever, as World Champion Kyle Dake shows the counter wrestling principles that have made him an American wrestling legend on this 4-volume instructional video set, Defense Wins Championships. Through his historic run in the NCAA to his time now as one of the leaders of USA Wrestling’s world team, Kyle has been a defensive mastermind, constantly shutting down some of the most offensive wrestlers in the world and turning their offense into his points. Now see all of those little details and hidden techniques that Kyle used to win a world title without ever giving up a point (the first wrestler to do that in decades!).

See How Kyle Dake Defends A Double Leg

Kyle is one of a elite class to ever win 4 NCAA titles, and he did it in 4 different weights, a one of a kind accomplishment, and he did it by relying on his strong defense to keep him in the tight matches. Now you can learn from Kyle as he teaches how he approaches the tie-ups, shots, sprawls, and counters that have brought him so much gold. Across 4-volumes, you can learn how to never get taken down again thanks to Kid Dynamite himself, Kyle Dake.

From the fundamentals of how to make your stance work for you to the elite level counters that he uses when he’s nearly taken down, you can see how to always land like a cat and wrestle through the position like Kyle does. It’s not athleticism, it’s all technique and you can learn it here! Kyle’s made a career out of defending the singles, doubles, and high crotches that everyone else gets taken down by, and he explains the little things that make that possible.

In addition to technique, also get into the mind of a champion as Kyle brings you through the strategies he uses (depending on the opponent), and how he reads and tracks an opponent through the match to break them down. Whether it’s improving your sprawl or clearing a control tie before turning it into your points, you’ll know not only what to do but how to think your way through the toughest positions. Give yourself the technical and strategic edge every time you step on the mat with bulletproof defenses.

This can’t-miss 4-volume series is available now, and perfect for anyone who wants to stop getting taken down. Everyone from new wrestlers to lifetime veterans of the mat can pick up a ton from Kyle’s detail-oriented coaching. Now is the time to really learn what makes for the best sprawls, scrambles, and counters as you turn your next opponent’s shots into your score!

So What’s On This Series

  • Start by learning the most valuable defense, your stance and motion! There’s a few small tweaks that anyone can do to stay strong and in position, and Kyle goes through all those details so you can work your way into every tie up and attack like an elite champion. See how Kyle defends the single leg, from the quick down blocks to the short offense you can use to light up a scoreboard. Kyle has some of the most impressive single leg defense in the world, and it’s easy to see why with this kind of technique!
  • Kyle’s defensive master class continues with some of the single leg and high crotch counters that have worked best for him, including jamming his hips into the opponent and wrestling through the position. You can get the same precise body cradles, front headlocks, and far ankle scrambles that are total match changers. Learn some of the strategic tricks that get even high-level wrestlers way out of position, and how to use your single leg and high crotch defenses together.
  • Learn how to wrestle through front headlock and snap downs, so you never have to get stuck underneath again. With sneaky controls and setups, bait people into your fireman’s carries, low singles, and other attacks even when you are building back up.

  • Wrestle out of some of the toughest control ties and never get caught up from your feet again. Learn all the battle-tested methods that Kyle uses to build out of underhooks and two-on-ones, clearing himself out safely or flipping things around and reversing position. Some of Kyle’s best wins have come from his ability to clear and counter control ties, so don’t skip on seeing this level of technique on display.