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Dominant Attacks From 50/50 & Underhook by James Johnson


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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james johnson

Professional Fighter

Transform Your Attacks From The 50/50 and Underhook Positions Using All American Wrestler and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt James Johnson’s Battle Tested Technique

  • Dominate the stand up game using high level 50/50 and underhook attacks with former army Greco Roman wrestler, multiple time All-American, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt James Johnson.
  • This 5 volume series dives deep into the fundamentals of attacking from 50/50 and the underhook; including proper body positioning, escapes, and a multitude of breakdowns of attacking mechanics.
  • During his time in the military, James had the opportunity to train at the Olympic Training Center with some of the highest level wrestlers in the world. Now as a retired military veteran, he is here to share his combat tested technique.
  • Whether you are a wrestler, an MMA fighter, or a Jiu Jitsu practitioner, this high level technique is so versatile that everyone has something to gain from it.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Body Position of 50/50 & Underhook - Underhook Body Position #1-Hand In 0:46
Underhook Body Position #2-Elbow Up 1:51
Underhook Body Position #3-Shallow Hook 2:30
Underhook Body Position #4-Under Hook/Foot Forward 3:23
Underhook Body Position #5-Knees Bent 4:08
Underhook Body Position- RECAP 4:22

Volume 2

Escaping The Underhook - Underhook Defense #1-Knee Fighting 0
Underhook Defense #2-Chest Jolt to Collar Tie 1:15
Underhook Defense #3-Chest Jolt to Underhook 2:19
Underhook Defense #4-Hand In 3:23
Underhook Defense #5-Head Reap 4:41
Underhook Defense #6-Back/Knee Tap 6:19

Volume 3

Attacks From 50/50 & Underhook - Underhook Attacks #1-Off Balance (to back) 0
Underhook Attacks #2-Off Balance (body lock) 2:41
Underhook Attacks #3-Off Balance (step & turn) 4:06
Underhook Attacks #4-Snap Down 5:25
Underhook Attacks #5- Snap Down (frame) 6:34
Underhook Attacks #6- Snap Down (half nelson) 7:26
Underhook Attacks #7- Snap Down (high crotch) 8:47
Underhook Attacks #8- Snap Down (body lock) 10:00
Underhook Attacks #9-Slide By 11:31
Underhook Attacks #10-Body Attack 13:14
Underhook Attacks #11-Arm Spin 14:39
Underhook Attacks #12-Duck Under 16:57

Volume 4

Attacks From 50/50 (Opponent Has Body Lock) - Body Lock Attack #1-Arm Spin 0
Body Lock Attack #2-Sag Inside 2:51
Body Lock Attack #3-Sag Outside 5:06
Body Lock Attack #4-Body Lock 6:31

Volume 5

Pummeling Drills - Pummeling Drill #1-Arm Spin 0
Pummeling Drill #2-Slide By 1:29
Pummeling Drill #3-Duck Under 2:37
Pummeling Drill #4-Snap 3:37
Pummeling Drills-RECAP 4:44

Transform Your Attacks From The 50/50 and Underhook Positions Using All American Wrestler and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt James Johnson’s Battle Tested Technique




What Will You Learn?

Each of the 5 volumes of this instructional are dedicated to the most important categories which need to be understood when attacking from the 50/50 and underhook positions. These include body positioning, escaping the underhook, options for attacks, attacks when your opponent has a body lock, and pummeling drills. The technique from each of the volumes mesh together to help you establish high level and well rounded technique.

Use James’s off balancing techniques to get to the back, body lock, or wherever you want to go. James gives you both the technique to get there and the freedom to develop your own game and strategies. His understanding of the mindset of the wrestler allows his teachings to be creatively interpreted by the individual, making his lessons all the more memorable. 

Chain Together Creative Attacks




James Johnson’s wrestling and combat rap sheet speaks for itself. From being a top competitor in the army to training with some of the best in the world at the Olympic Training Center, James has years of practical application of the highest level technique that he is here to share with you.

Get More Takedowns Than Ever

In addition to his wrestling career, James is also an Alliance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. His wide range of grappling experience is definitely noticeable in his technique. What sets James aside from others is the fact that athletes and practitioners from all different kinds of martial arts backgrounds can easily apply all aspects of his technique into their training.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Body Position Of 50/50 & Underhook
  • Underhook Body Position #1 - Hand In
  • Underhook Body Position #2 - Elbow Up
  • Underhook Body Position #3 - Shallow Hook
  • Underhook Body Position #4 - Underhook/Foot Forward
  • Underhook Body Position #5 - Knees Bent
  • Underhook Body Position

Part 2:

  • Escaping The Underhook
  • Underhook Defense #1 - Knee Fighting
  • Underhook Defense #2 - Chest Jolt to Collar Tie
  • Underhook Defense #3 - Chest Jolt to Underhook
  • Underhook Defense #4 - Hand In
  • Underhook Defense #5 - Head Reap
  • Underhook Defense #6 - Back/Knee Tap

Part 3

  • Attacks From 50/50 & Underhook
  • Underhook Attacks #1 - Off Balance (To Back)
  • Underhook Attacks #2 - Off Balance (Body Lock)
  • Underhook Attacks #3 - Off Balance (Step & Turn)
  • Underhook Attacks #4 - Snap Down
  • Underhook Attacks #5 - Snap Down (Frame)
  • Underhook Attacks #6 - Snap Down (Half Nelson)
  • Underhook Attacks #7 - Snap Down (High Crotch)
  • Underhook Attacks #8 - Snap Down (Body Lock)
  • Underhook Attacks #9 - Slide By
  • Underhook Attacks #10 - Body Attack
  • Underhook Attacks #11 - Arm Spin
  • Underhook Attacks #12 - Duck Under

So, What Does It Cost?