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Dominating The Top Position by Chris Perry


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Chris Perry

Professional Fighter

Learn The Top Wrestling & Leg Riding Secrets That Helped Oklahoma State Coach Chris Perry Win 2 National Titles

  • Break down your opponents and get to work on top with these wrestling techniques from 2-time NCAA Champion Chris Perry
  • Use these bar pinning combinations to finish matches and score big points for yourself and your team
  • Chris is a current wrestling coach at Oklahoma State University, where he trains some of the best wrestlers in the nation with these moves
  • Throw in legs and learn how to use your lower body for maximum safety and leverage, no matter your body type or experience level

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Part 1. BREAKDOWNS. Spiral Ride Breakdown Fundamentals 0:38
Chop And Drive 5:37
Ankle Chop 10:14
Claw And Drive 15:06
Half And Drive 19:37
Far Ankle Far Knee 23:03

Volume 2

Part 2. COLLECTING THE BAR. Spiral Ride - Hard 30 Seconds 0
Chop And Drive 7:10
Claw And Drive - Side To Side Shift 11:32
TURNS FROM THE BAR. Bar Tilt To Both Sides - Load Up The Hips 17:49
Bar On The Back - Claw Tilt 27:46
Chicken Wing And Half For A Pin 38:49
Collecting The Bar If Man Is Basing Out 44:27

Volume 3

PART 3. INTRODUCTION TO LEG RIDING. Introduction To Throwing Legs In 0
Breaking Opponents Base - Two Hands To One Wrist 8:17
Transitioning From Legs To Power Half And Bar Series 11:37
Outro 18:00

Learn The Top Wrestling & Leg Riding Secrets That Helped Oklahoma State Coach Chris Perry Win 2 National Titles

Chris Perry Shows You How To Put A Saddle On Anyone And Ride Them Out Or Turn Them - One Of The Most Valuable Skills In Wrestling

What Will You Learn?

Oklahoma State wrestling coach Chris Perry teaches his keys to top wrestling with this series on breaking down and attacking with technique. Learn his system for winning right from the whistle, as you go from breakdown to pinning combinations, even learning how to put in your hooks and ride with boots in.

Learn The Key Details To Creating A Championship Top Game

Approach your top wrestling with a plan, as Chris teaches the details behind his armbar system and how he was so successful in college wrestling as a mat wrestler. Use these dynamic keys to each position for maximum success, no matter your body type or experience level. Use this system to tilt to both sides, use claws for more points, and finish off with a reinforced combination for the fall.

Take Control With These Effective Breakdowns

Learn the inside secrets to leg riding from one of the most successful leg riders in NCAA history. Chris Perry teaches you the same boots-in pressure and pinning that helped him win two national titles in college, and that his athletes use so successfully today. You don’t need long legs or years of experience to ride with legs in, once you have these keys to success from Chris.

Get this 3-part series and level up your top wrestling with one of the most technical coaches in college wrestling today. Chris Perry breaks down all of the moves and combinations that you need to put together a tough ride on top, and then turn for points and pinfall victories.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Breakdowns
  • Spiral Ride Breakdown Fundamentals
  • Chop and Drive
  • Ankle Chop
  • Claw and Drive
  • Half and Drive
  • Far Ankle Far Knee

Part 2:

  • Collecting The Bar
  • Spiral Ride - Hard 30 Seconds
  • Chop and Drive
  • Claw and Drive - Side to Side Shift
  • Turns From The Bar
  • Bar Tilt to Both Sides - Load Up The Hips
  • Bar on the Back - Claw Tilt
  • Chicken Wing and Half For a Pin
  • Collecting The Bar If Man Is Basing Out

Part 3

  • Introduction to Leg Riding
  • Introduction to Throwing Legs In
  • Breaking Opponents Base - Two Hands to One Wrist
  • Transitioning From Legs to Power Half and Bar Series
  • Outro

So, What Does It Cost?