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Dynamic Top Wrestling by Tyler Caldwell


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Tyler Caldwell

Professional Fighter

NCAA Finalist And All-American Tyler Caldwell Gives You The Key To His Top Game Success With This Formula For Turning, Riding, And Pinning

  • Strengthen all aspects of your top wrestling game with the dynamic thigh pry and leg ride techniques in this series.
  • Utilize a 2 on 1 tilt to transition to a flawless leg ride.
  • Discover key adjustments that collegiate wrestler and coach Tyler Caldwell has incorporated into his game throughout his career.
  • Dominate the top against any opponent and gain an understanding of this technique which will simultaneously help your bottom game.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Thigh Pry Bump Series. Introduction to the Thigh Pry 0:29
Thigh Pry Bump - Collect the Wrist 5:27
Thigh Pry - Sit to the Wrist 10:54
Arm to the Back - Claw Tilt and Adjust for Pin 15:27
2 on 1 Tilt and Transition to Leg Ride 20:03

Volume 2

Leg Ride Series. Turn the Hip - Side Headlock Tilt 0
Transitioning From One Leg In To Both Legs In 4:49
Beating the Sit-Out 9:18
Following Change-Over 14:28
Following the Grandby Roll 18:53
Grandby Roll Drill 24:16
Committing to the Bump When Opponent Gets to Their Feet 27:50
Hip Sag Mat Return 33:39
Cut Back Mat Return 38:58
OUTRO 41:56

NCAA Finalist And All-American Tyler Caldwell Gives You The Key To His Top Game Success With This Formula For Turning, Riding, And Pinning


Being able to dominate from the top will oftentimes result in your ability to dominate the whole match. Maintaining and dominating the top positions with set ups, transitions, and top tier technique is exactly what Tyler provides in this high level series. With an understanding of all that is covered in this instructional, there is nothing in your way to becoming the wrestler of your absolute potential.

Learn Techniques And Drills For Top Wrestling Dominance


With a focus on getting and maintaining the top position, Tyler begins in the first volume with elite thigh pry bump techniques. From this position, learn how to use an arm to the back with a claw tilt to properly adjust for the pin. Understand how collecting the wrist and sitting to the wrist play into your favor while utilizing the thigh pry and make them a working part of your arsenal.

Transitioning into the second volume, Tyler presents an in depth focus on all you need to know about the leg ride. Maximize your control with the leg ride by smoothly transitioning from one leg in to two legs in before your opponent has a chance to react. Understand the importance of committing to the bump when your opponent gets to their feet and see how concepts such as this drastically improve your game.

Score More Points And Pins Than Ever


Tyler Caldwell was a two-time NCAA Finalist and four-time All American while in college, and currently serves as the wrestling recruiting coordinator at Oklahoma State University. Given his current title, Tyler knows exactly what it takes to help shape the game of successful wrestlers. Throughout his series, it is evident that he combines his competition experience with his high level coaching strategies to articulate some of the best techniques on the market. Look no further and ensure your top game includes all that is offered in this instructional!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Thigh Pry Bump Series
  • Introduction To The Thigh Pry
  • Thigh Pry Bump - Collect The Wrist
  • Thigh Pry - Sit To The Wrist
  • Arm To The Back - Claw Tilt And Adjust For Pin
  • 2 On 1 Tilt And Transition To The Leg Ride

Part 2

  • Leg Ride Series
  • Turn The Hip - Side Headlock Tilt
  • Transitioning From One Leg In To Both Legs In
  • Beating The Sit-Out
  • Following The Change-Over
  • Following The Granby Roll
  • Granby Roll Drill
  • Committing To The Bump When Opponent Gets To Their Feet
  • Hip Sag Mat Return
  • Cut Back Mat Return
  • Outro

So, What Does It Cost?