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Effective High Crotch Attacks by Dan Vallimont


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Dan Vallimont

Professional Fighter

Revolutionize Your High Crotch Takedown Strategy By Covering Basics, Drills, Set-Ups, Finishes, Shot Variations, And Even How To Defeat The Crackdown Position With 2x All-American Dan Vallimont!

  • Lay a solid foundation for your High C with a basic introduction that you can immediately add to your game.
  • Reinforce that foundation with drills that increase your ability to finish the takedown, regardless of how your opponent defends.
  • Dan teaches you TEN unique setups that will maximize your offensive options without using all of your energy.
  • Once you are in on your opponent’s legs, seal the deal with THREE unique phases of finishing the High Crotch.
  • Opponents using the Crackdown Defense? No, problem! Make the finish as simple as ABC.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Introduction to High Crotch positioning and setups - Introduction to High Crotch Position 1:18
Over Penetration Drill 8:38
Knee pound Drill 12:21
Shoot and Lift Drill 16:20
Setup 1: Inside Tie setup, stutter and go 19:44
Setup 2: Elbow Pass (inside tie or front headlock) 24:15
Setup 3: left Club and Go 30:34
Setup 4: left hook to outside step 36:23
Setup 5: Overhook from Pressure 42:17
Setup 6: Outside Elbow Control 47:01
Setup 7: right collar or hook, pull/post 52:12
Setup 8: baseball bat grip/pull 57:54
Setup 9: Underhook defense from Pressure (step behind/pull overhook) 1:04:15
Setup 10: 2 on 1 defense from Pressure ( step behind/windshield wiper feet) 01:09:56

Volume 2

High Crotch finishes on Feet - Drive across to Double 0
Deep arm lift and Turk 5:31
Duck Under Look a Like (man falls down) 10:05
Leg on the outside 14:59
Head behind the knee European finish 23:25
Crackdown 28:39
Fake Crackdown switch to Double (chain wrestling) 34:53
Fireman’s Carry #1 traditional 39:13
Fireman’s carry #2 knee walk and roll through 44:58
Fireman’s carry #3 throw variation 50:23

Volume 3

High Crotch finishes on the mat - Knee pound from partial and full sprawl 0
Iranian Lift Finish #1 come out the back 3:50
Iranian lift finish #2 shrug shoulders 9:40
Iranian life finish #3 roll the head 13:49
Far ankle freestyle finish (exposure and lace) 18:19
Force Crackdown 24:26

Volume 4

High Crotch Crackdown Finishes - Crackdown ABC’s 0
Knees to the outside #1 back hook pin 6:03
Knees to the outside #2 fake back hook, head roll 11:39
Knees the outside #3 Tripod up and circle in 15:45
Hook leg, Elevate and hop 21:38
Knee split #1 slide back table leg 26:03
Knee split #2 slide back reach around waist 31:49
Knee split #3 sag/cradle 36:53
Knee split #4 back reach, hip heist, turk 41:36
Knee split #5 pin ankle to the ground circle back 49:28
Closing 55:30

Revolutionize Your High Crotch Takedown Strategy By Covering Basics, Drills, Set-Ups, Finishes, Shot Variations, And Even How To Defeat The Crackdown Position With 2x All-American Dan Vallimont! 



What Will You Learn?

Effective High Crotch Attacks is a 4 part series where 2-time All-American Dan Vallimont provides a complete game plan on hitting the High Crotch and securing a finish. With this series, you will get an introduction on the High C and how to approach this classic technique in great depth. You will cover everything from basic foot and body positioning to stance and movement. This rock-solid foundation gives you the essential concepts needed to effectively set up, hit the High C, and secure the takedown.

Finish On The Feet Or On The Mat With These Crisp Techniques




Effective and efficient drills are one of the key factors in making the High Crotch a valuable asset to your offensive arsenal. Vallimont covers three unique drills that reinforce the basics of the High Crotch, refines your shot, and helps you develop the body mechanics of a proper finish. Not only will these drills make you into a High C machine, but you’ll also be able to sharpen your skills while giving your cardio a BIG boost!

Build Your Best Attacks With These Drills For Success


Setups are everything in wrestling. Winging random takedowns at a seasoned opponent is a great way to get tired and eventually lose a match. Dan covers TEN different setups that force your opponent into perfect position to execute effective High Crotch takedowns. With Effective High Crotch Attacks, you will learn how to consistently get in on your opponent’s legs by using Dan’s slick setups.

Learn Tricky Attacks Like This One!




After some time with Effective High Crotch Attacks,  you will be finding yourself in on some deep shots. Dan covers THREE different phases of finishing the High C. Part 2,3, and 4 cover finishing from the feet, on the mat, and from the crackdown position. Mastering the crackdown finishes, especially at competitive levels of wrestling, is essential. This commonly used technique can cause some issues for your everyday High C. Dan looks to give you a complete ABC strike plan against the Crackdown!

Dan doesn’t stop once the action hits the mat, he shows you unique leg laces that transition directly from the takedown and immediately into securing follow up points. Take your offense to the next level and revitalize your High Crotch with Effective High Crotch Attacks! Check out the complete technique list below!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1: Introduction to High Crotch Positioning and Setups

  • Introduction to High Crotch Position
  • Over Penetration Drill
  • Knee Pound Drill
  • Shoot and Lift Drill
  • Setup 1: Inside Tie Setup, Stutter and Go
  • Setup 2: Elbow Pass (Inside Tie or Front Headlock)
  • Setup 3: Left Club and Go
  • Setup 4: Left Hook to Outside Step
  • Setup 5: Overhook From Pressure
  • Setup 6: Outside Elbow Control
  • Setup 7: Right Collar or Hook, Post/Pull
  • Setup 8: Baseball Bat Grip/Pull
  • Setup 9: Underhook Defense From Pressure (Step Behind/Pull Overhook)
  • Setup 10: 2 on 1 Defense From Pressure (Step Behind/Windshield Wiper Feet)

Part 2: High Crotch Finishes On Feet

  • Drive Across to Double
  • Deep Arm Lift and Turk
  • Duck Under Look A Like (Man Falls Down)
  • Leg On The Outside
  • Head Behind The Knee European Finish
  • Crackdown
  • Fake Crackdown Switch to Double (Chain Wrestling)
  • Fireman's Carry #1 Traditional
  • Fireman's Carry #2 Knee Walk and Roll Through
  • Fireman's Carry #3 Throw Variation

Part 3: High Crotch Finishes On The Mat

  • Knee Pound From Partial and Full Sprawl
  • Iranian Lift Finish #1 Come Out The Back
  • Iranian Lift Finish #2 Shrug Shoulders
  • Iranian Lift Finish #3 Roll The Head
  • Far Ankle Freestyle Finish (Exposure and Lace)
  • Force Crackdown

Part 4: High Crotch Crackdown Finishes

  • Crackdown ABC's
  • Knees to the Outside #1 Back Hook Pin
  • Knees to the Outside #2 Fake Back Hook, Head Roll
  • Knees to the Outside #3 Tripod Up and Circle In
  • Hook Leg, Elevate and Hop
  • Knee Split #1 Slide Back Table Leg
  • Knee Split #2 Slide Back Reach Around Waist
  • Knee Split #3 Sag/Cradle
  • Knee Split #4 Back Reach, Hip Heist, Turk
  • Knee Split #5 Pin Ankle to the Ground Circle Back
  • Closing

So, What Does It Cost?