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Effective Old School Passing by Vinicius "Draculino" Magalhaes


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Vinicius Magalhaes

Professional Fighter

Draculino: Effective Old School Passing to Neutralize New School Guards

  •  Learn the old school moves like the Miragia Pass that will defeat all of those fancy new guard games like the dreaded WORM GUARD.
  • If you find yourself stuck in guard for entire rounds, you need to understand Draculino’s “safe zones” like The Diaper and how they will help you slice through any guard.
  • Stop making the same GUARD PASSING mistakes by learning the stuff most modern JIU JITSU players don’t even learn in class anymore..
  •   New inverted guard styles come and go, but Draculino’s system of NEUTRALIZING them will never go out of style!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 3:41
Standup Overview and Low single leg from Hip and Arm control 3:41 - 15:29
Haragoshi from Hip and Arm control 15:29 - 21:09
Sumi Gaeshi From hip and arm control 21:09 - 26:17
Traingle from Hip and Arm Control 26:17 - 32:33
Scoop Under Sweep 32:33 - 37:21
Head and Arm Triangle and reverse Ezekiel 37:21 - 43:38
Double overhook butterfly sweep 43:38 - 49:45
CorkScrew sweep 49:45 - 54:48
Arm Drag from Hip and Arm Control 54:48 - 1:01:22

Volume 2

Modern Open Guard Overview 0 - 9:18
Switch Grip Stack Pass 9:18 - 22:24
Miragaia Pass 22:24 - 28:48
Closed Guard Top Overview 28:48 - 42:24
Backstep Switch Pass 42:24 - 47:39
Cradle Pass 47:39 - 53:34

Volume 3

High Head Pummel Pass 0 - 10:56
High Head Pummel Pass using Foot Lock 10:56 - 18:29
Safe zone 2 “Diaper” 18:29 - 31:47
Safe Zone 2 Variation into Over Under Pass 31:47 - 37:49
De La Riva Passing Concepts 37:49 - 50:23
De La Riva Jump Pass 50:23 - 56:34

Volume 4

Stack Pass from De La Riva 0 - 5:20
Berimbolo Counter Arm Triangle 5:20 - 17:35
Reverse Ezekiel from Berimbolo Counter 17:35 - 22:43
Worm Guard Over Under Pass 22:43 - 28:55
Backtake from Worm Guard 28:55 - 34:47
Pass from Lapel-O-Lasso 34:47 - 43:14

Draculino Is One Of The MOST FAMOUS BJJ Coaches In The World: He's Helped The Careers Of Guys Like Romulo Barral, Lucas Valente And More!

This Is His Take On EFFECTIVE OLD SCHOOL GUARD PASSING That Anyone Can Implement

Scoop Under Sweep:

What Will You Learn?

Draculino is a legendary coach having helped developed the careers of people like Romulo Barral and Lucas Valente to just name a few.  He has promoted well over 100 black belts in this time. He was one of the first competitors to successfully utilize spider guard in competition. 

His skills have been forged on the training mats with the likes of Jean Jacques Machado, Renzo, Ryan and Ralph Gracie and Carlos Gracie, Jr. He has worked hard to hone the old school techniques he developed on those legendary mats against all of the new guard styles.  You will learn to get the fight to the mat and how to deal with all of those pesky new school open guards.

So What’s on this series?

This four volume series is going to give you Draculino’s answer to all of the most frustrating new guard styles (even worm guard).  With nearly three decades of experience under his belt, Draculino is not going to waste your time with techniques that don’t work. You will get the most efficient ways to take the fight to the mat and the best passes to address everything from Berimbolos to Worm Guards.

Volume 1 is going to address efficient, old school takedowns and closed guard techniques that the new guard players won’t be able to handle.

In Volume 2, Draculino gives the state of the new open guard and how to begin defeating it the new tricks his old school perspective have helped him develop.

Volume 3 and Volume 4 is going to dive deeper into De La Riva passes, Berimbolo Counters and even the dreaded lapel-a-palooza of Worm Guard.  This series is the next best thing to going back in time and training on those early Gracie Barra mats.

So what exactly do you get?

Draculino has probably forgotten more jiu jitsu than most of us will ever learn.  In this 4 DVD set, you are going to get only the techniques that are highly effective against any type of guard style, even those new guards.  By constantly sharpening those battle-forged skills against the new breed of competitor and guard player, Draculino has continued to keep his teaching and coaching the most relevant it can be

Switch Grip Stack Pass:

What Techniques Will You Get?

Vol 1:


Standup Overview and Low single leg from Hip and Arm control

Haragoshi from Hip and Arm control 

Sumi Gaeshi From hip and arm control 

Triangle from Hip and Arm Control 

Scoop Under Sweep 

Head and Arm Triangle and reverse Ezekiel 

Double overhook butterfly sweep

Vol 2:

Modern Open Guard Overview 

Switch Grip Stack Pass

Miragaia Pass 

Closed Guard Top Overview 

Backstep Switch Pass 

Cradle Pass

Vol 3:

High Head Pummel Pass

High Head Pummel Pass using Foot Lock 

Safe zone 2 “Diaper” 

Safe Zone 2 Variation into Over Under Pass 

De La Riva Passing Concepts

De La Riva Jump Pass

Vol 4:

Stack Pass from De La Riva 

Berimbolo Counter Arm Triangle

Reverse Ezekiel from Berimbolo Counter 

Worm Guard Over Under Pass 

Backtake from Worm Guard 

Pass from Lapel-O-Lasso

So What Does It Cost?

Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes is one of most successful coaches and instructors in history.  His instruction is suitable to every level of practitioner regardless of age or athleticism. If you are a competitor, this is an absolute must have and if you’re not, why not show those fancy guard players a thing or two at open mat.  Let Draculino bring his modern flavored old school approach to your game!

We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that.  Instead cut that price nearly 50% and get Sitting Turtle for just: