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Effective Open Guard by Tomoyuki Hashimoto


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tomoyuki hashimoto

Professional Fighter

Hashimoto is one of the greatest rooster weight competitors of his generation, earning his black belt under the great Yuki Nakai and cementing his legacy with multiple gold medals in the IBJJF (includes two World No-Gi Titles), Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, and loads more!

  • Explore the secrets of Hashimoto’s seemingly impassable open guard and learn the same techniques he uses at the highest levels of competition to shut down the world's greatest guard passers
  • Create a more dynamic and dangerous guard using world level details and techniques proven on BJJ’s biggest stages

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 0:44
Overview 0:44 - 3:11
Important details of seated guard 3:11 - 10:38
Seated guard to attacking the leg: part 1 10:38 - 19:46
Seated guard to attacking the leg: part 2 19:46

Volume 2

Seated guard (no leg available) switch to Yokotomoe 0 - 10:32
Yokotomo transition to De la Riva guard 10:32 - 15:56
Yokotomo transition to De la Riva, alternate grip 15:56 - 26:05
Important details for open guard 26:05

Volume 3

Spider guard techniques 0 - 12:37
Shallow lasso transition 12:37 - 19:57
Open guard if opponent grips one leg 19:57

Learn The Secrets of Effective Open Guard Attacking with World-Renowned Rooster Weight Competitor and 2-Time IBJJF World No-Gi Gold Medalist Tomoyuki Hashimoto

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What Will You Learn?

With a Black Belt under Japanese BJJ legend Yuki Nakai and an impressive list of high-level competition accomplishments including 2-World No-Gi Titles, Tomoyuki Hashimoto has cemented himself as one of the premiere smaller grapplers in the world. WIth Effective Open Guard Offense, Hashimoto is going to reveal the secrets of his incredibly effective open guard strategies to help you tame the most aggressive guard passers and create a more dynamic open guard game!

In 3-parts, Hashimoto will give you the keys to a more effective open guard with multiple attacks, transitions, and concepts to keep you active and offensive in your open guard exchanges. Seated guard, spider guard, and lasso guard are all on the menu, giving you options and different avenues of offense, and helping you to create a more well rounded open guard that your opponents and training partners will throw fits trying to dismantle!

Hashimoto has already proven his techniques in the fires of high-level competition and now you can take advantage of his incredibly technical details and effective strategies to give you the edge in your open guard exchanges! Shut down the best guard passers in your academy and in your competition endeavors and add dangerous new tools to your open guard arsenal with one of the best in the world!

Shallow Lasso Transition

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Overview
  • Important details of seated guard
  • Seated guard to attacking the leg: part 1 
  • Seated guard to attacking the leg: part 2

Part 2:

  • Seated guard (no leg available) switch to Yokotomo
  • Yokotomo transition to De la Riva guard
  • Yokotomo transition to De la Riva, alternate grip 
  • Important details for open guard 

Part 3:

  • Spider guard techniques 
  • Shallow lasso transition 
  • Open guard if opponent grips one leg 

So, What Does It All Cost?