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Escape The Worst Situations by Nicolas Renier


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Nicolas Renier

Professional Fighter

Take a Proactive Approach to Escaping with Luta Livre Specialist and Multiple Time ADCC Veteran Nicolas Renier

  • Luta Livre Black belt Nicolas Renier is a world-renowned competitor and multiple time ADCC veteran with wildly effective escaping strategies
  • Explore Luta Livre based grappling solutions to escape some of the most common bad spots in BJJ
  • Eliminate your fear of the worst situations in grappling and get back in the fight with world level escaping concepts that anyone can use

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0:00 - 1:17:15
Cross Control 1:17:15 - 18:47:03
Knee on Bellly 18:47:03

Volume 2

North South 0:00 - 07:35:05
Mount Position 07:35:05 - 25:58:24
Turtle Position 25:58:24

Volume 3

Turtle position North/South 0:00 - 10:04:19
Chapter 2 - Preventing and countering the jump over 10:04:19 - 25:44:20
Chapter 3 - Knee Slicing to Pass Deep Half 25:44:20

Develop Ironclad  Escapes From The WORST Situations With Nicolas Renier And This 3- Part Series!

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What Will You Learn?

Luta Livre Black Belt Nicolas Renier is a 6-Time ADCC veteran with an incredibly aggressive and proactive style that's world-renowned. As a world-level competitor, Renier knows exactly what you need to stay safe and effectively deal with the worst positions in BJJ! In Escape the Worst situations, Renier will provide you with unique solutions for exiting match ending positions, so that you can become more confident in your abilities to deal with the worst of the worst positions and get back in the fight!


So, What’s In This Series


Think of all the worst positions to be stuck in and then find solutions to them all in one perfectly formatted 3 volume set. You'll dismantle and escape the back, make a clean getaway from side control, exit the crushing knee on belly, leave the mount safely in your rearview mirror, and more! With amazing guidance from Renier himself, you'll master the most important escapes in BJJ and build a new arsenal of defensive strategies to add significant value to your game!


Check Out How Nicolas Escapes From The Turtle!



Luta Livre Black Belts have a take no prisoners style and this has served Reneir very well at the highest levels of competition. Learn how a true LL artist deals with being stuck in bad positions and increase your chances of getting away unscathed in this short and sweet library of escape mastery!


So, What Exactly Do You Get?




So, What Does It Cost?