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Foundation of Lethwei by Dave Leduc


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Dave Leduc

Professional Fighter

Whether you are looking to compete in one of the most brutal sports around, OR simply looking to have the tools to defend yourself in a no rules street altercation, Dave Leduc has the skills you need.

  • Lethwei is a complete striking system where there are NO limits on what you can strike with...including headbutts!
  • Cover everything from footwork and stance all the way to combinations that finish with fight ending headbutts!
  • Learn to train in a way that enhances your overall striking ability while safely mixing in typically banned techniques like elbows and headbutts.
  • Cover ALL aspects of the Bare Knuckle striking with Dave Leduc!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
The Lekkha Moun 13:04
Neck strengthening 20:05
Footwork & stance 28:37
Lethwei stance 31:38
Basic punches on the pads 32:45
Punch without gloves 34:03
Lazy jab drill 41:07

Volume 2

Hand Strength Push up Drill 0
Lower Body Strikes 5:37
The Push Kick 8:43
Blocking Kicks and Counter 16:38
Knee Strikes 20:09
Jumping Knee 22:12
Proper Elbows 23:56
Elbow for Elbow Drill 28:55:00
Headbutt Fundamentals 31:09:00
Headbutt Attacks 36:20:00

Volume 3

Lethwei Clinch Foundation 0
Blocking Headbutt in the Clinch 5:57
Punching defenses slip weave perry 7:46
Punching defense lean back 11:11
Punching defense + counters - 2 slip - 3 weave 13:29
Combining Slip and weave 16:39
Combo #1 - weave knee elbow 17:58
Combo #2 - weave elbows 18:34
Combo #3 - 2 slip weave 2 elbow knee 19:27
Combo #4 - uppercut weave lead elbow 20:13
Combo #5 - Slip 20:54
Combo #5 & #6 - Off the Lean back 21:46
The Catch kick 22:40
Spinning elbow 28:54
Signature kick - Fake roundhouse to side kick 32:26
123 headbutt elbow (entry) 38:31
'Thor's Hammer'' Elbow set up (entry) 42:08
The Bull cover (entry) 46:20
Cover up to clinch_headbutt (entry) 48:22

Volume 4

Clinch Break balance to headbutt - elbow 0
Clinch sweep - takedown 2:39
Double arm trapping to headbutt 5:19
Diving headbutt 8:05
Upward headbutt 10:39
Side headbutt 13:04
Dave introduces his coach - Sifu Patrick Marcil 16:48
Sifu Pat - Closing the distance with Jab - Adding the elbow 23:21
Sifu Pat - Inside trapping, headbutts and follow ups 31:09
Cover to elbow Drill 38:52
Outro 45:50

Lethwei is considered to be one of the most BRUTAL combat sports on earth. Learn the finer aspects of The Art of 9 Limbs with Lethwei World Champ Dave Leduc!

Check Out The Trailer!

What Will You Learn?

If you're looking for a striking system that uses every available tool to do damage and end the fight Lethwei is for you! Foundation Of Lethwei by Dave Leduc is a 4-part series that lays the essential foundation you need to build a complete striking game off of. After you understand the fundamentals like Lethwei stance and footwork, Dave teaches you the harsh reality of punching without hand wraps/gloves!

Punching without protection is a great way to hurt your hand! Dave teaches you the finer details on how to effectively strike Bare Knuckle. The Lethwei World Champ shows you how to steady yourself, where to place your punch, and WHEN to place your punch. These key details are what gives you a realistic look at how to effectively strike without hand protection.

Safety is key when you are practicing Lethwei style drills and skills. Headbutts, elbows, and uncovered fists are a great way to open nasty cuts. AVOID THIS by following Dave’s safe to train and easy to follow drills. Once you can replicate these drills you will be able to move comfortably and maintain balance while throwing a wide array of strikes!

Combinations are key if you want to continually and efficiently land on your opponent. Dave teaches a collection of his absolute highest percentage combinations that he uses in his Lethwei fights. Leduc combines strong defense with wicked counters that catch the opposition by surprise. Once you see him switch from a leg kick to a chambered side kick to the face, you’ll start to understand the power of Lethwei!

Foundation Of Lethwei provides a complete roadmap that will apply in the most extreme rules of combat.

Uppercut Weave Lead Elbow

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • The Lekkha Moun 
  • Neck strengthening
  • Footwork & stance 
  • Lethwei stance
  • Basic punches on the pads
  • Punch without gloves
  • Lazy jab drill 

Part 2:

  • Hand Strength Push up Drill 
  • Lower Body Strikes
  • The Push Kick 
  • Jumping Push Kick
  • Blocking Kicks and Counter 
  • Knee Strikes 
  • Jumping Knee 
  • Proper Elbows
  • Elbow for Elbow Drill 
  • Headbutt Fundamentals 
  • Headbutt Attacks

Part 3:

  • Lethwei Clinch Foundation 
  • Blocking Headbutt in the Clinch 
  • Punching defenses slip weave perry 
  • Punching defense lean back 
  • Punching defense + counters - 2 slip - 3 weave 
  • Combining Slip and weave 
  • Combo #1 - weave knee elbow 
  • Combo #2 - weave elbows 
  • Combo #3 - 2 slip weave 2 elbow knee 
  • Combo #4 - uppercut weave lead elbow 
  • Combo #5 - Slip 
  • Combo #5 & #6 - Off the Lean back 
  • The Catch kick 
  • Spinning elbow 
  • Signature kick 
  • Fake roundhouse to side kick 
  • 123 headbutt elbow (entry)
  • 'Thor's Hammer'' Elbow set up (entry) 
  • The Bull cover (entry) 
  • Cover up to clinch headbutt (entry) 

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