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Gold Rush Takedowns by Chase Pami


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Chase Pami

Professional Fighter

Strike Gold With These Takedown Attacks From NCAA Finalist & Las Vegas Wrestling Coach Chase Pami

  • Strike gold with these takedown sequences from NCAA Finalist & Las Vegas wrestling coach Chase Pami
  • Learn how to shoot and score with these dominant takedown combos and fundamentals
  • Score and wrestling with systems and sequences from arm drags, front headlocks, underhooks, and more!
  • Chase Pami is a 2-time D1 All-American wrestler, NCAA Finalist, multi-time US Open Placer, & Vegas wrestling coach

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 2:26
Intro to Fundamental Wrestling Positioning 2:26 - 3:51
Fundamental Positioning Applied 3:51 - 6:13
Knee Pound Drill From High-Crotch or Double Leg 6:13 - 9:22
Knee Pound Drill From Single Leg 9:22 - 11:19
Replacement Step 11:19 - 14:54
Gaining underhook position 14:54 - 17:41
Inside Trip 17:41 - 22:30
Outside Trip 22:30 - 27:29
Whizzer Kick 27:29 - 32:36
Ankle pick from overhook 32:36 - 35:24
Sparring the replacement step and over/under position 35:24 - 40:00

Volume 2

Arm drag from overhook, finish around waist 0 - 5:46
Arm drag to single leg finish 5:46 - 10:30
Arm drag to head and arm throw 10:30 - 14:47
Arm drag to duck under 14:47 - 17:45
Sparring the arm drag position 17:45 - 21:45
Sparring arms drags, ankle picks, and trips from over/under position 21:40 - 25:31

Volume 3

Underhook to body lock 0 - 6:09
Underhook to inside trip 6:09 - 9:58
Underhook to hip toss 9:58 - 14:06
Underhook to arm drag 14:06 - 18:14
Underhook to front headlock 18:14 - 21:48

Volume 4

Front headlock: go behind finish 0 - 3:17
Front headlock: nearside cradle finish 3:17 - 6:47
Front headlock: far side cradle finish 6:47 - 10:33
Front headlock: knee pull finish when opponent stands up 10:33 - 14:00
Front headlock: knee tap finish 14:00 - 17:30
Front headlock: nearside inside leg cradle 17:30 - 21:46
Front headlock: inside trip finish 24:46 - 24:49
Sparring underhook offense 24:49 - 28:30
Bonus Move: Arm Throw 28:30 - 32:34
Conclusion 32:34 - 34:13

Strike Gold With These Takedown Attacks From NCAA Finalist & Las Vegas Wrestling Coach Chase Pami

Learn How To Shoot And Score With These Dominant Takedown Combos And Fundamentals

What Will You Learn?

Wrestle for gold with these wrestling techniques and systems from an elite competitor and wrestling coach Chase Pami. Chase teaches the fundamental wrestling positioning and mechanics from the feet that you need to shoot and score with these attacks, including working with underhooks, arm drags, front headlocks, and more. This 4-volume series will teach you what you need to know to hit the mat and start striking gold with great wrestling techniques from this high-level instructor.

Set Up Crisp Attacks With These Championship Combos

Move like the pros with these key details behind some of Chase’s signature scoring attacks. Combine moves and work through the most common counters to get your points, as Chase teaches you his step-by-step methods of taking down high-level opponents. Chase has succeeded at every level of wrestling with these techniques that he has worked and developed, including wrestling in the NCAA finals, becoming a two-time NCAA D1 All-American at Cal Poly, placing top-3 in the US Open, winning international freestyle tournaments, and more!

Take Control With These Dominating Underhooks

With this approach, taking you from fundamentals through your most basic positioning to your go-to offense, and to advanced counters to their reactions. Arm drag your opponents all over the mat, win from either underhooks or overhooks, and score the tough way with these front headlock options. Learn this exciting, dynamic style straight from Las Vegas coach Chase Pami on this new 4-volume instructional series.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Intro to Fundamental Wrestling Positioning
  • Fundamental Positioning Applied
  • Knee Pound Drill From High-Crotch or Double Leg
  • Knee Pound Drill From Single Leg
  • Replacement Step
  • Gaining Underhook Position
  • Inside Trip
  • Outside Trip
  • Whizzer Kick
  • Ankle Pick From Overhook
  • Sparring The Replacement Step and Over/Under Position

Part 2:

  • Arm Drag From Overhook, Finish Around Waist
  • Arm Drag to Single Leg Finish
  • Arm Drag to Head and Arm Throw
  • Arm Drag to Duck Under
  • Sparring the Arm Drag Position
  • Sparring Arm Drags, Ankle Picks, and Trips from Over/Under Position

Part 3

  • Underhook to Body Lock
  • Underhook to Inside Trip
  • Underhook to Hip Toss
  • Underhook to Arm Drag
  • Underhook to Front Headlock

Part 4

  • Front Headlock: Go Behind Finish
  • Front Headlock: Nearside Cradle Finish
  • Front Headlock: Far Side Cradle Finish
  • Front Headlock: Knee Pull Finish When Opponent Stands Up
  • Front Headlock: Knee Tap Finish
  • Front Headlock: Nearside Inside Leg Cradle
  • Front Headlock: Inside Trip Finish
  • Sparring Underhook Offnse
  • Bonus Move: Arm Throw
  • Conclusion

So, What Does It Cost?