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High Impact Re-Attacks & Counters by Nate Jackson


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Nate Jackson

Professional Fighter

Princeton Assistant Coach and NJRTC member, Nate Jackson is here to fine-tune your defensive gameplan. Find unique counters that stop your opponent’s offense with Nate’s shut-down defense!

  • Learn to use your head, hands, and hips to develop a defensive gameplan from the ground up!
  • Don’t simply rely on defense, Nate teaches you how to turn the tables on the opposition with measured counter-attacks, and tricky Re-Attacks!
  • Defend the most effective takedowns in the sport of wrestling including the High-Crotch, Double, and Single leg.
  • Tighten your Defense up, and shut out your opponent’s offense!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Part 1: Defensive Fundamentals - Head, Hands, Hips - Stance Basics 0:47
Lines Of Defense: Head, Hands, Hips 3:31
Weight Distribution  6:10
Point Of Contact 8:06
Impede And Downblock Shots 11:24
Shot Reattack Mechanics  13:05
Attacking Off Of Fake/Bad Shots 20:10
Control Tie Mechanics  25:30
Collar Tie Block 28:13
Collar Tie Shuck 30:22
Space Mechanics 33:41
Point Of Contact 2 35:39

Volume 2

Part 2: Defending The Single Leg - Get To Money Position 0
Headlock When Opponent Builds Up 9:24
On Both Feet 12:17
On One Foot 15:50
3/4 Nelson/Headlock 19:12

Volume 3

Crotch Lock Cradle 0
Belly Whizzer Ankle Roll 7:50
Chest Lock 11:57
Low Single Defense 15:31
Low Single Defense: Ankle Pass 20:41

Volume 4

Part 3: Defending High Crotch And Double Leg - Belly Whizzer  0
Switch 4:11
Knee Redirection 7:14
Earning The Money Position From Opponent's Shot 10:53
Introduction To Defending Double Leg 15:12
Popping Hips In And Forcing Man To Change Attack 18:45
Redirect The Head 21:47
Teeter 24:04
Chest Swipe 30:02
Final Words 35:08

Princeton Assistant Coach and NJRTC member, Nate Jackson Is Here To Fine-Tune Your Defensive Gameplan

Find unique counters that stop your opponent’s offense with Nate’s shut-down defense!


What Will You Learn?

If you are wrestling in a competitive environment you WILL have athletes who are able to get in on a good takedown attempt. The question is, do you have the ability to fight it off!? Defense in wrestling definitely follows the “ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” rule. Sure the easiest way to defend a double leg is to not let your opponent in on your legs… BUT the harsh reality is that wrestlers like Nate Jackson are going to be able to get in on your legs

Stay Strong On Defense And Never Give Up Easy Points Again


Thankfully, Nate Jackson is here with his latest instructional titled High Impact Re-Attacks & Counters. In this instructional Nate systematically breaks down the key aspects REQUIRED for a stout defensive gameplan! What’s even better is that Nate Jackson covers both preventative measures to avoid the takedown, as well as “cures” to thwart even the deepest shots.

Learn These Simple Defensive Concepts and Tricks

This 4-part series covers everything from footwork to complex counter-attacks, and everything in between. Whether you are a complete beginner or you are gearing up for your college wrestling career, High Impact Re-Attacks & Counters has tips & tricks that CAN’T be ignored! On top of developing foundational footwork, Nate gives you top-tier techniques that will turn the tables on your opponent. You will learn multiple options to dismantle even the best double, single, and High-Crotch takedown attempts.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Defensive Fundamentals
  • Heads, Hands, Hips - Stance Basics
  • Lines of Defense: Head, Hands, Hips
  • Weight Distribution
  • Point of Contact
  • Impede and Downblock Shots
  • Shot Re-Attack Mechanics
  • Attacking Off of Fake/Bad Shots
  • Control Tie Mechanics
  • Collar Tie Block
  • Collar Tie Shuck
  • Space Mechanics
  • Point of Contact 2

Part 2

  • Defending The Single Leg
  • Get to Money Position
  • Headlock When Opponent Builds Up
  • On Both Feet
  • On One Foot
  • 3/4 Nelson/Headlock

Part 3

  • Crotch Lock Cradle
  • Belly Whizzer Ankle Roll
  • Chest Lock
  • Low Single Defense
  • Low Single Defense: Ankle Pass

Part 4

  • Defending High Crotch and Double Leg
  • Belly Whizzer
  • Switch
  • Knee Redirection
  • Earning the Money Position from Opponent's Shot
  • Introduction to Defending Double Leg
  • Popping Hips In and Forcing Man to Change Attack
  • Redirect the Head
  • Teeter
  • Chest Swipe
  • Final Words

So, What Does It Cost?