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Luiza Monteiro has been busy sharpening her competitive skills at the highest levels with Andre Galvao and the seemingly endless list of high-level competitors at ATOS Headquarters. 

Luiza, known for her devastating lower body attacks is going to bring you more kneebar, toe hold and calf slice options than you ever thought possible.

Leglocks by Luiza Monteiro

Knee Bar drom Omoplata with Luiza Monteiro:

What Will You Learn?

Despite the rise in popularity of leg locks, many practitioners are still not sure how to approach the training of these submissions. 

Let Luiza take all of the guesswork out of your entry into the world of leg locks by showing you all of the IBJJF legal options she has tested in her many gold medal winning battles at the highest levels.

So What’s on this series?

This four-volume series is going to cover the most effective leg attacks from a wide variety of guard positions such as spider guard, X guard, 50/50, butterfly guard and many, many more.  In addition, Luiza is going to show her approach to attacking leg locks when setting up her own guard passes.

And one of the most important tools she will teach you on this series is how to move from other submissions directly into a leg attack.  Being able to transition from one submission to the next is a crucial skill necessary at the highest levels and being able to move from an omoplata to a kneebar, for instance, is going to open up new doors in your game.

In this four-part series, you are going to nearly 20 different kneebar variations, along with all of her favorite toe holds and calf slice variations.  You will walk away with more leg lock knowledge than you ever thought possible and chances are, your opponents may not walk away at all.

So what exactly do you get?

Leg locks are becoming more and more popular everyday.  In IBJJF competition, there are very specific leg locks that one must learn if you are going to use them safely and legally. 

Who better to teach you her favorite leg attacks than one of the most successful female competitors of all time who has built her reputation on the use of these effective submissions.

Calf Slice from Single Leg x with Luiza Monteiro:

So What Does It All Cost?

Luiza Monteiro is easily one of the most accomplished grapplers of all time.  As a female competitor, her place at the top of the competitive echelon is secure.  Now you can learn directly from this her new World Championship IBJJF Legal Leg Locks Series.  The techniques on these dvds do not require crazy athleticism, but they will require great skill from your opponents to escape them.  If you’ve never entered the world of leg locks yet, this would be the series to start with especially if you’re competing in IBJJF and IBJJF style rule sets.  

We could have easily charged $147 or more for the series, but we’re not going to do that.  Instead cut that price nearly 50% and get World Championship IBJJF Legal Leglocks for just:



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