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Introduction To Youth Wrestling by Zack Esposito


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Zack Esposito

Professional Fighter
Build A Positive Practice Environment For Your Kids' Wrestling Success
  • Learn the structure and flow of a youth wrestling program from one of the most decorated coaches in NCAA history
  • Coach Zack Esposito is one of the assistant coaches at the decorated Oklahoma State University and one of the most technical NCAA champions of his generation
  • Help the youth under your guidance to build incredible grappling habits that will last a lifetime
  • Discover the warm-ups, concepts for stance, conditioning, and games that kids need to excel as young wrestlers
  • You’ll now understand what it takes to create the perfect environment for your young wrestlers so they can flourish

Course Content

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Volume 1

Part 1 - Warmup. Starting Practice - Picking Partner 1:16
Starting Practice - Warmup 7:14
Starting Practice - Stretching 14:54
Starting Practice - Wall Drills 17:30
Partner Drill #1 - Back Arch 23:58
Partner Drill #2 - Diving Forward Roll 26:24
Partner Drill #3 - Cartwheel 27:59
Partner Drill #4 - Hip Heist 29:57
Partner Drill #5 - Shoot Through The Legs / Leap Frog Over 33:18
Partner Drill #6 - Spin Drill 35:32
Partner Stance Drill # 1 - Circle And Direction Change 39:38
Partner Stance Drill # 2 - Downblock / Re-Attack 42:08
Partner Stance Drill #3 - Sprawl / Re-Attack 46:21

Volume 2

Part 2 - Stance, Motion, And Penetration Step. Introduction To Stance - Square Stance And Staggered Stance 0
Jumping From Square To Staggered Stance 5:29
Intro To The "T" Line Drill 7:00
"T" Line Drill In Action 9:36
Straight Line Drill 10:50
Sprawl, Pop Up, Circle 13:24
Groundwork Of Penetration Step - Push And Drag Drill 17:12
Groundwork Of Penetration Step - Push, Drag, Step Up 18:41
Groundwork Of Penetration Step - Level Change 21:04
Groundwork Of Penetration Step - Sweep Single Basics 24:43

Volume 3

Part 3 - Technique. Double Leg - Push Drive Run From The Ground Up 0
Double Leg - Push Drive Run From The Feet 3:49
Double Leg Setup - Wrist Roll 6:13
Sweep Single Leg From The Ground Up 9:34
Sweep Single From The Feet 11:13
Sweep Single Setup - Wrist Grab 13:15
Snap And Spin From The Ground Up 15:56
Snap And Spin From The Feet 17:33
Getting Set Correctly In The Top Position 18:58
Half Nelson Basics 21:39
Tight Waste & Ankle Breakdown 24:53
Tight Waste & Ankle Breakdown To Half Nelson 26:44
Getting Set Correctly In The Bottom Position 29:12
Inside Leg Standup Basics 34:57
Sit Out Cut Away 40:13

Volume 4

Bonus Section: Conditioning and Games. Bear Crawl 0
Bear Crawl To Pushup 0:50
Spiderman Walk 1:12
Wheelbarrow 1:42
Wheelbarrow To Pushup 2:02
Wheelbarrow To Pushup Jump 2:22
Seal Slides 2:41
Frog Jumps 3:05
Lunging Jumps 3:25
Game 1 - Freeze Tag 3:49
Game 2 - Steal The Ball 6:16
Game 3 - Sumo 8:05
Game 4 - Tails 10:25
Game 5 - Ride The Bull 13:17
Game 5 - Ride The Bull 16:12
Game 6 - Toe Touch 19:39

Build A Positive Practice Environment For Your Kids' Wrestling Success

NCAA Wrestling Champion And Oklahoma State Wrestling Coach Zack Esposito Shows Exercises and Techniques For Youth Practices



What Will You Learn?

In Introduction to Youth Wrestling, highly decorated Cowboy wrestling coach and former Oklahoma State NCAA Champion Zack Esposito will give you the tools you need to BUILD A SOLID WRESTLING FOUNDATION for your youth wrestlers, providing SKILLS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. Esposito will help you develop real youth skill with the right blueprints to create a great atmosphere and build well rounded young grapplers!

Start Practice With These Effective Warm Ups For Kids



We all know that kids are little sponges and they soak up information quickly. When it comes to wrestling, GOOD HABITS MUST BE LEARNED EARLY for longterm success. These early lessons can be the foundation of a child's journey through wrestling. Esposito will provide you with the skills, drills, and tips you need to create a positive and productive youth wrestling program so that the children you coach can benefit from years of focused study and experience!

Learn The Technique Your Kids Can Grow With



In the first of three parts you'll begin with the PERFECT WARM-UPS that include stretching, partner drills, and much more! As you work your way further into the series you'll discover phenomenal stance and motion work that will teach your kids the PROPER MECHANICS of movement from the feet. Part three will provide you with insight into the most important takedown sequences, set-ups, and positional tactics that your kids need to become monsters on the mat! There's even a bonus section packed with conditioning and games to keep the kids coming back for more!

Don’t miss your chance to apply these proven concepts to your youth wrestling program and watch your kids progress go through the roof. The guesswork has been removed and there’s nothing here but the most tried and true systems and strategies to create a fantastic environment packed with incredible skill-building technique and instruction!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Warmup
  • Starting Practice - Picking Partners
  • Starting Practice - Warmup
  • Starting Practice - Stretching
  • Starting Practice - Wall Drills
  • Starting Practice - Wall Drills (Part 2)
  • Partner Drill #1 - Back Arch
  • Partner Drill #2 - Diving Forward Roll
  • Partner Drill #3 - Cartwheel
  • Partner Drill #4 - Hip Heist
  • Partner Drill #5 - Shoot Through The Legs/Leap Frog Over
  • Partner Drill #6 -Spin Drill
  • Partner Stance Drill #1 - Circle and Direction Change
  • Partner Stance Drill #2 - Downblock/Re-Attack
  • Partner Stance Drill #3 - Sprawl/Re-Attack

Part 2:

  • Stance, Motion, and Penetration Step
  • Introduction to Stance - Square Stance and Staggered Stance
  • Jumping From Square to Staggered Stance
  • "T" Line Drill In Action
  • Intro to the "T" Line Drill
  • Straight Line Drill
  • Sprawl, Pop Up, Circle
  • Groundwork of Penetration Step - Push and Drag Drill
  • Groundwork of Penetration Step - Push, Drag, Step Up
  • Groundwork of Penetration Step - Level Change
  • Groundwork of Penetration Step - Sweep Single Basics

Part 3

  • Technique
  • Double Leg - Push Drive Run From The Ground Up
  • Double Leg - Push Drive Run From The Ground Up
  • Double Leg Set Up - Wrist Roll
  • Sweep Single Leg From The Ground Up
  • Sweep Single From The Feet
  • Sweep Single Set Up - Wrist Grab
  • Snap and Spin From The Feet
  • Getting Set Correctly in Top Position
  • Half Nelson Basics
  • Tight Waist & Ankle Breakdown
  • Tight Waist & Ankle Breakdown to Half Nelson
  • Inside Leg Standup Basics
  • Sit Out Cut Away

Part 4

  • Bonus Section
  • Conditioning and Games
  • Bear Crawl
  • Bear Crawl to Pushup
  • Spiderman Walk
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Wheelbarrow to Pushup
  • Wheelbarrow to Pushup Jump
  • Seal Slides
  • Frog Jumps
  • Lunging Jumps
  • Game 1 - Freeze Tag
  • Game 2 - Steal The Ball
  • Game 3 - Sumo
  • Game 4 - Tails
  • Game 5 - Ride The Bull
  • Game 6 - Toe Touch
  • Outro

So, What Does It Cost?