Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens - The Takedown Blueprint

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Judo Champion Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens give you an insight into their world of taking people down. With these 3 DVD set you can improve your take-down game from 2 of the best in that area!

These two greats will be your guides as you learn to master the skills necessary to beat even the toughest opponent. All the techniques and tips you’ll ever need are found in The Takedown Blueprint.

If you want to beat the guys at your belt level you need to be better than them in some areas. You could try to get better at sweeping or passing than they are at sweeping & passing, but that’s going to be difficult because they are working on those skills 3 to 5 times a week in class. Luckily, they are ignoring their standup games – some simple drilling of the right moves will give you a huge advantage.

First two DVDs:
-Osoto Gari – Outer Reaping Throw – A devastating throw to use against an opponent leaning backwards
-Knee Osoto Gari – A slick modification to throw opposite sided players with osoto
-Drop Seoi Nage – An Explosive, yet surprisingly low risk takedown
-Ippon Seoi Nage – An even safer way to land the one armed shoulder throw
-Tomoe Nage – The tips Travis shows on this move will allow you to launch opponents as they think you are pulling guard: you have to see this move!
-Tai Otoshi – An explosive body drop to use on an opponent pushing into you
-One Handed Tai Otoshi – a very slick way to use the body drop that hardly any BJJ Player will see coming
-Ouchi Gari – Inner reap – a very safe way to take your opponent down into their guard
-Sumi Gaeshi – A very slick sacrifice throw where your back hits the mat first, yet you end up on top
-Fireman’s Carry – An Explosive takedown that ends with the opponent on your shoulders: a great place to be and the set up is very cool

Third DVD:
-The Wrestler
-The Strong Weightlifter
-The Guy Who Bends At The Waist
-The Guard Puller