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Jiu-Jitsu Based Self Defense Solutions by Eli Knight


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Jiu-Jitsu Based Self Defense Solutions by Eli Knight

  • Learn how to use BJJ for its most powerful use, protecting yourself from an attacker on the street.
BJJ Black Belt Eli Knight shows how to use BJJ for self defense in 8 volumes of dedicated real world situations.
  • Give yourself the tools to get out of positions when your opponent isn’t simply trying to score points, but trying to smash your face!
  • The pure essence of Jiu-Jitsu IS self defense.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0 - 1:27
Trap & Roll 1:27 - 6:07
Shrimp Escape 6:07 - 10:36
Standard Elbow Escape 10:36 - 16:16
Push Escape A 16:16 - 19:40
Push Escape B 19:40 - 23:05
Head Wrap Reversal 23:05 - 26:24
Head Wrap Guard Replacement 26:24 - 29:51
Standard Guard Replacement 29:51 - 33:11
Movement Drills 33:11 - 37:26

Volume 2

Uphill Escape 0 - 5:34
Punching Headlock Escape 5:34 - 8:59
Trapped Arm Escape 8:59 - 13:09
Street Fight Closed Guard Pass 13:09 - 17:37
Knee Cut Pass 17:37 - 20:32
Leg Drag Pass 20:32 - 23:18

Volume 3

Near Side Arm Lock 0 - 4:18
Near Side Kimura 4:18 - 6:52
Far Side Arm Lock 6:52 - 10:30
KOB Movement Drills 10:30 - 13:24
Americana 13:24 - 17:37
Arm Crush 17:37 - 21:27
Scarf Hold Near Side Straight Arm Lock 21:27 - 25:19
Scarf Hold Near Side Bent Arm Lock 25:19 - 28:18
Scarf Hold Far Side Arm Crush 28:18 - 31:22

Volume 4

Mount Transition Arm Lock 0 - 4:33
Mount Transition Arm Triangle 4:33 - 8:03
Mount Transition Kimura 8:03 - 11:46
S-Mount Transition Near Side Arm Lock 11:46 - 15:29
Gift Wrap to Belly Down RNC 15:29 - 20:48
Gift Wrap to Back Take RNC Variations 20:48 - 25:22
Rear Mount Arm Lock 25:22 - 29:46

Volume 5

Closed Guard Concepts 0 - 3:38
Elevator Sweep 3:38 - 7:09
Hip Bump Sweep 7:09 - 10:47
Scissor Sweep 10:47 - 15:40
Arm Triangle 15:40 - 19:09
Straight Arm Lock & Pendulum Sweep 19:09 - 24:48
Hip Bump to Guillotine 24:48 - 28:20
Kimura 28:20 - 31:09

Volume 6

Pyramid Guard to Triangle 0 - 4:06
Pyramid Guard to Omoplata 4:06 - 8:30
Pyramid Guard to Standing 8:30 - 11:59
Double Ankle Sweep 11:59 - 14:37
Tripod Sweep 14:37 - 18:41
Tripod Sweep Drill 18:41 - 21:44
Technical Stand Up 21:44 - 24:48

Volume 7

Front Bear Hug Over & Under Arms 0 - 4:49
Rear Bear Hug Over & Under Arms 4:49 - 9:32
Rear Choke and Dragging Defense 9:32 - 13:42
Standing Guillotine Defense 13:42 - 17:27
Punching Headlock Defense 17:27 - 20:13
Broken Posture Headlock Defense 1 20:13 - 22:32
Broken Posture Headlock Defense 2 22:32 - 25:11

Volume 8

Standing Clinch Types 0 - 5:10
Reactionary Gap Concepts & Sucker Punch Defense 5:10 - 12:00
Small Outside Trip from Front Clinch 12:00 - 14:47
Body Fold Takedown 14:47 - 17:07
Hip Throw from Side Clinch 17:07 - 20:40
Far Side 2-on-1 Takedown from Side Clinch 20:40 - 23:51
Body Lock Dump Takedown 23:51 - 26:49
Rear Clinch Crackdown 26:49 - 29:33
Pummeling from Clinch and Guillotine 29:33 - 32:39
Arm Drag Mechanics 32:39 - 34:41
Over Under Arm Drag and RNC 34:41 - 37:17
Major Inside Trip and Ankle Pick 37:17 - 39:42
Arm Drag to Guillotine 39:42 - 41:44

The pure essence of Jiu-Jitsu IS self defense. Regardless of your goals and ambitions in Jiu-Jitsu ultimately if you dedicate time to the mat you SHOULD be able to defend yourself from the average attacker.

If and When confrontation strikes it’s best to have SOLUTIONS for ANY ENCOUNTER! While it’s impossible to be prepared for every situation Jiu-Jitsu will often provide an answer, this is where Jiu-Jitsu Based Self Defense Solutions By Eli Knight come in!

Eli Knight has amassed a following through social media with his realistic approach to training, and applying Jiu-Jitsu in life threatening situations. Jiu-Jitsu Based Solutions takes you on a JOURNEY from escaping the worst positions to DOMINATING the best positions.  Give yourself the tools to get out of positions when your opponent isn’t simply trying to score points, but trying to smash your face! 


Eli mixes real-world experience with ACTUAL mat time. Eli is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, so you know he’s spent AMPLE amount of time on the mats proving and refining his technique. Many “Real-Life” instructors preach about the harsh realities of the streets, but have never grinded out a hard session of pure Jiu-Jitsu. Eli is not that instructor. Eli has been forged in the FIRES of Jiu-Jitsu to bring you the BEST, most realistic options for utilizing Jiu-Jitsu in actual combat. 

The first half of the instructional is DEDICATED to giving you options to escape from terrible positions such as side control and the mount. On top of that Eli goes in depth on strategies that an attacker might use if they were trying to strike you. Eli then demonstrates how to manipulate common openings that are exposed from these positions. Ideally you would never be here in a real world altercation, but you must PREPARE FOR THE WORST, AND HOPE FOR THE BEST!! 

Once you’ve covered the defensive portion of the instructional Eli opens up on how to utilize Jiu-Jitsu’s STRONGEST positions to control and devastate your attacker. Take positions like knee on belly and make them as miserable as possible with Knight’s brutal approach. This will make your attacker wilt and react in a way that gives you the BEST OPTION to finish your attacker. Eli will help you find a way to armlock, kimura, and scarf hold your way to SAFETY!

Whether you are a Black-Belt, White-Belt, or No Belt Jiu-Jitsu Based Solutions By Eli Knight will give you the tools required to survive a real life altercation where your attacker is trying to inflict serious harm to you. Will you accept less than the best in training, when your life depends on it? If the answer is a resounding NO, than Jiu-Jitsu Based Solutions By Eli Knight is for YOU!

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